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Title: sport

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Essay Instructions: i want to focus in the adidas company and drill down and looking over all position and strategy .

You must focus in our organization about:-


- Market.

- Economic & finical issues.

3- Look in the organization about the people in the HR

- Structure.

- Culture.

- People/HR

More organize issues. How it’s successful? How it’s technology approach?

Trend, observation, data finical performance.

In conclusion
give me Assessments/ Recommendations :-

Bring all together & how to trade the company from now to the future.


The paper must be deeply research also

Talk about what the innovation looking for a job major reflection points.

What is going to be in our organization after a decade?

Create a new thing interesting,,, What are they going to be like in the future?.

What’s going to be in 2010-2015.

Not look to the development But look it from Now to the future

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Title: Adidas

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Essay Instructions: I want them to answer it for OB class just make sure that they relate the answer to the concept theory for the OB
Q: 1. What does the success of this organization/event (Adidas)tell us about the importance of studying organizational behaviour?

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Title: Comparing Nike vs Adidas Finances

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Essay Instructions: Masters Course-
Write an overview paper...first write the questions out( listed below) followed by the written answers. This will be presentation to the class. I will do a powerpoint from this paper.

Companies for the paper Nike vs Adidas- Answer the questions...write out the questions followed by the answers

Nike vs. Adidas
a. what is the companies product or service?
b. when was the companies established
c. when did the companies go public
d. what is its stock ticker symbol
e. On what index is the company traded
f. What is its current stock price
g. What is its lowest & highest stock proice over the most recent 52 weeks?
h. What accounting firm audited its financial statements
i. What is its standard industrial classification (SIC) code
j. what industry is the company in and what is the company's ranking within that industry?
k. What types of financial data are found in the company's financial statements, including footnotes?
l. What were the dividents over the last three years?
m. does the company have more than one type of stock (common, preferred, treasury)?
n. How many common stock shares are outstanding?
o. Does the company have any outstanding bonds?

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Title: Nike vs Adidas

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Essay Instructions: My boss has asked me to analyze my firm's (Nike shoes)marketing tactics and strategy vis-a-vis one of my major competitor (Adidas shoes).

Step 1 is to write a 2 page memo to my manager in which I completed (You can check Completed Order(ID: 25274) about the memo)
Major points that have to be taken in to concederation in the report;
Marketing Strategy (including its use of internet)
Marketing segmentation
Consumer bahvior
Advertising strategy
(the list above is not in order of importance)

Step 2 is another 2 page memo with the report that contains my analysis and recommendations.

I need another 2 page memo

Lenght of combined memo and report is 10-double-spaced pages for the text and 2 pages of charts, figures, graphs, stats and etc. (ref: official websites)

Sourses: Business Week, The Wall Street Journal must be used and any other articles that is NOT less than one page long.
Articles must have been published after January 1, 1995.

The memo should introduce and summarize the key points of the report. The report should present the details of logic of analysis and recommendatins. The report should include a table that describes the various market segments served by NIKE and contrast the product/service offered by each brand. The relationship marketing practices used by each firm could be added to the report. Also a chart that compares key features and functions of each brands website. Please present and contrast the advertisement for each brand or point of purchase communication and promotional strategies. For example: What are the common and distinctive elements of the promotional mix? What are the promotional objectives of each website? Please address any issue that you consider revelant for understanding differences in the marketing strategies of the two brands.

Please tell me what primary articles & source articles used for the report. There must be at least 3 primary resources.

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