Adidas has a solid performance as a sustainability leader -- economic, environmental, and social. This despite accusations of slave-labor in China, which proved to be less than accurate. The company actively engages its stakeholders in key day-to-day operational issues that involve the environment, along with leading the market in advanced supply chain efforts to promote stability (Adidas, 2009).


Adidas' strategy is to "be the leading sports brand in the world." To accomplish this they must merge the idea of Sports Performance and Sports Style. Adidas realizes that individual departments and segments must have the authority to act, to generate ideas, and to postulate and decide because they have their ears closest to the client. Integrating a highly sophisticated system in which groups talk (email, video chat, etc.) and combine ideas levels out the hierarchy and is more responsive to market needs (Adidas Strategy, 2007).


Adidas. (2009). SAM...
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