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Essay Instructions: Action Research Project

I have completed most of this project, therefore I would like you to proofread and edit (whatever you can). However, I need a one-page abstract, 5 page FINDINGS, 5 page DISCUSSION, and edit my references or add references, if needed. Most of my references are a bit old, but this was a project I started a while back. I will send you what I have completed so far on my research project and the following is the suggested format and the length of each section. Thank you.

Title Page
One-Page Abstract
Chapter 1: Introduction
The Problem- 2 to 3 pages developing the need to know
Purpose Statement- 1 to 2 paragraphs in length; specific to the study
Importance of the Study- 1 to 2 paragraphs on why this study is important to the Researcher/teacher; meant o be
This Chapter is the scholarly portion of the project in which the researcher completes a thorough but not
exhaustive review of relevant and current literature for the study. It needs to tell a story by being organized in a coherent and logical fashion. 6-8 pages in length.
Chapter 3: METHODOLOGY- describes the population, sample, and how data was collected. 4-6 pages in length .
Chapter4: FINDINGS
5 to 7 pages in which significant findings are reported using quantitative/and or qualitative data
Chapter 5: DISCUSSION- how does the data and literature converge
Recommendations and Implications- reflection on what it means to the researcher/teacher in terms of whre does he/she go from here 5 to 7 pages

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Investigate what is known about the use of technology to increase English vocabulary in English Language Learner students

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2448 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Action research Project Literature Study
Value: 40%
Due date: 27-Aug-2011
Return date: 12-Sep-2011
Length: 2000 words not including bibliography

Assessment item 1b requires you to undertake the following:

Formal Review of Literature

* Based upon your action research preliminary plan in Assignment 1a, research and examine published research studies and journal articles on your topic (at least 7-8 scholarly articles);
* Extrapolate the types of variables that other researchers have used when studying topics similar to your own;
* Report the perspectives of each author(s)
* Consider the following questions: What did the literature say about my topic? What main ideas emerged in the literature? To what extent do these ideas pertain to my local situation? What variables should I derive from these studies for my Action Research Project?

MY TOPIC-Research Question: Does the incorporation of the use of technology in the classroom help English Language Learner students improve their English vocabulary?


Assessment Item 1b will provide students with the opportunity to:

* Read, assess and evaluate the findings of authors of research studies, journal articles and books as they pertain to your Action Research topic;
* Analyze the variables of published researcher and educational practitioners that inform understanding of your Action Research topic and research question; and
* Determine the variables that will inform your Action Research Project.

Marking criteria

Assessment Item 1b should:

* Outline and discuss the published findings of researchers in at least 7-8 scholarly research studies, journal articles and/or books focusing on a personal topic of investigation as proposed in the student’s preliminary Action Research Plan.
* Identify variables of interest to your action research project.
* Apply ideas that emerge from the literature to your Action Research project.
* Demonstrate the ability to reflect on your chosen research question.

Written Assessment Marking Criteria Assessment Item 1b

Literature studies are assessed according to marking criteria. In this subject you will be assessed according to the following 'Written Assessment Marking Criteria'. It is recommended you familiarize yourself with these criteria before you begin writing your essay for Assessment item 1b.

General criteria for allocation of grades

Failure Essay has one or more of the following shortcomings not compensated by other strengths:
[ ] fails to address this issue/s or addressed it/them only marginally
[ ] is considerably shorter than the required minimum length
[ ] lacks coherence or structure and has serious deficiencies in the quality of the writing
[ ] shows misunderstanding or little understanding of the basic theoretical issues and/or their implications for professional practice
[ ] relates to the subject on a simple, essentially anecdotal level, demonstrating little reading or little capacity to apply concepts to practice or experience and to draw conclusions from that practice
[ ] substandard through a lack of appropriate content, poverty of argument, poor presentation, inadequate length or a combination of these

Pass [ ] basically addresses the title and of appropriate length according to course regulations
[ ] includes a bibliography
[ ] is coherent and structured and of an acceptable standard of literacy
[ ] demonstrates a basic understanding of the issues and a capacity to relate them to practice/experience/context
[ ] shows evidence of basic reading relevant to the topic
[ ] demonstrates a sound understanding of the issues and a capacity to relate them or apply them to experience and practice
[ ] shows evidence of wider reading and some independent selection of sources
[ ] shows evidence of a capacity to be critical, evaluative or to make judgments
[ ] demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the issues and a capacity to relate them to a wider context
[ ] shows evidence of wide independent reading and/or investigation
High Distinction Furthermore:
[ ] shows evidence of initiative and some originality or ingenuity in the approach to or execution of the essay
Source: Adapted from Athanasou, J. (1997). Introduction to educational testing. Wentworth Falls, NSW: Social Science Press.

Some possible studies to use if you would like (I don't have the full references, sorry):

Kang and Dennis, 1995)

(Yip and Kwan, 2006)

(Hoyt, 2005)

(Herrell and Jordan, 2008)

(Cummins, 2000)

(Barratt-Pugh and Sinclair, 1994)

(Forth and Morrison, 1991)

(Liaw, 1997)

Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you kindly,

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Women at work what causes lack of respect in the workplace

Total Pages: 34 Words: 11362 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Action research paper.Table of contents.Introduction.Statement of problem.Methodology &Methods. Questionaire(10 people-5men-5women)Interviews. Ethical issues.Results & findings.General Findings:answers to the research questions.Reondations & Conclusions.Appendix. Bibliography.Last chapter to include a section for reflection-ments on the research process and,explanation of what I have learned while doing research.Research project must have practical impacton an organization.Purely academic studies are not acceptable. Need to establish measurable objectives.This action research project is the final ponent in my degree program. Title-Women at Work:What causes lack respecttowards women in the workplace.--- Per final instruction statement :paper has description of the problem, literature review; a description of the intervention and evaluation plan,summary of the results:conclusions,reondations:and a discussion detailing what onelearned from the Action research process. Please contact me any time with any questions. E-Mail: Thanks

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Professional dress of teachers affecting student behavior in the middle school

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2198 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Action research paper: a statement of the problem or research question (which is how professional dress of the teacher affects the students behavior in middle school) , a description of the data to be gathered, analysis of the data, conclusion drawn from the data, and the recommendations based on the data collected.

Excerpt From Essay:

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