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Title: In the 21st Century what is diplomacy

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Essay Instructions: In the 21st Century, what is diplomacy?

To answer this question you will need to first understand what diplomacy 'was' from 1648 to (roughly) the end of the Cold War and then the changes the institution has gone through since the early 1990s.

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Essay Instructions: Essay of an Action Plan. Managers in earning organisations of the 21st century need a broader range of Skills, Knowledge and Attributes to help them succeed. Issues like rapid change, shifts in management thinking, understanding global context, the need for continuous improvement and the ongoing need for leadership development all impact on the aspiring manager. 1). To explore 5 of the SKA's you consider a successful manager should have in order to effectively manage the issues of the 21st century. 2). From the 5 SKA's, choose 3 SKA's. What are the 3 changes of emphasis required in the way you perform your managerial role now and/or in the future (what should you start/stop doing or spend more/less time on).

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Essay Instructions: Explain the economy of The 21st Century, how it came about, what changed to create it, and what characterizes the successful business organization in this economy and why? Consider the factors that drove this dramatic change, what macro-changes took place, and how they effect both corporate organizations and employees.

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Essay Instructions: Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century

Points: 50

Due: Day 7

?Reflect on what type of theory (grand, mid-range, or situation-specific) is most useful or applicable to clinical nursing practice in the 21st century.
?Include your rationale for the type of theory you have chosen.

Assignment Details:
?3 pages
?APA format
?5 articles supporting position

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