Clinical Theory Practice 21st Century Points: 50 Due: Day 7 Directions: •Reflect type theory (grand, mid-range, situation-specific) applicable clinical nursing practice 21st century. •Include rationale type theory chosen.

Nursing theories are conditioned by practice and research, which clarify and modulate it for the final purpose of building a theoretical framework to guide general clinical practice (Meleis, 2011). The present paper is focused on presenting situation-specific theory as ideal for nursing clinical practice in the 21st century.

Theory developed on the basis of practice bears the name of prescriptive, micro, practice or situation-specific theory (Parker, 2001). By and large, this type of theory is designed to focus on particular nursing situations which emerge during clinical practice, with special focus on certain populations or fields of practice, and is supposed to employ limited scope and focus in elucidating any given situational dilemmas (Meleis, 2010).

Practitioners' daily experience in a clinical onset can...
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