Managers earning organisations 21st century a broader range Skills, Knowledge Attributes succeed. Issues rapid change, shifts management thinking, understanding global context, continuous improvement ongoing leadership development impact aspiring manager.

KSAs of the 21st century workforce

Why KSAs are important

At the beginning of the 20th century, the knowledge, skills, and attributes of workers were defined in a relatively concrete, fixed, and limited fashion. In factory systems of mass production it was demanded that workers serve the organization for which they worked obediently and compliantly. Perhaps this concept is best epitomized in the concept of Scientific Management, as advocated by Frederick Taylor. "Prior to scientific management, work was performed by skilled craftsmen who had learned their jobs in lengthy apprenticeships. They made their own decisions about how their job was to be performed. Scientific management took away much of this autonomy and converted skilled crafts into a series of simplified jobs...
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