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Title: Two Task to be answered

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Essay Instructions: TASK ONE: I would like you to raise a question from this PDF that I will be sending you about Broadening the Agenda of Security. I want you to read it and raise a question from it.

TASK TWO: I would like you to answer this question ?
Going over the readings on Environmental Security, it seems that most of the problems are stemming from over population. Too many people consuming too much of the worlds resources and expending too much energy doing it. If this is the case, should measures be put in place to try and slow down the expansion of the world population (such as China's one child policy or something similar)? And if this is the case, could this amount to a new security threat to nations who are looking to increase their population for economic or other reasons?

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Title: Global Business

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Essay Instructions: 1. The international reserves set aside is one way that countries attempt to maintain financial stability in times of economic turbulence. As such, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) maintains international finance statistics on many developing countries. Using the UNCTAD Handbook, determine the international reserves fro Costa Rica, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria, and South Africa for 2004. Which country has the highest reserves? Which country has the lowest reserves? Do you think these statistics provide any indication as to the level of protection each economy may have in light of unforeseen economic turbulence? Why or why not?

2. Your small firm is an energy provider to a variety of markets in the United States and Canada. As such, you have been assigned to determine the general climate of the energy industry for the coming decades. By combining population data with energy consumption estimations, one can analyze trends in energy use per capita and differences in per capita energy use between countries. BP, one of the world’s largest energy companies, provides an annual report with statistical data on energy trends worldwide. Using the BP Statistical Review of World Energy as reference, find which country consumes the most energy per person. How has energy consumption varied with a growing world population? What does this mean for your firm’s future as an energy provider?

3. You are working for a pontoon manufacturer that is considering expansion to South America. An important determinant of the firm’s market strategy to date, upper management strongly believes that bodies of water are an essential element for a pontoon market to develop. Therefore, by analyzing data on each Latin American country’s ecosystem, your firm should invest in the country with abundant bodies of water. On the basis of management’s single criterion, use the EarthTrends resource published by the World Resources Institute to suggest a South American country that best satisfies top management’s ambition. What are the factors that may encourage the expansion of a private boat market?

4. The participation of women in the labor force varies from one country to another. After finding a report on International Labor Comparison, find information concerning labor force participation rates by gender for France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the United States. For the last year in which data were available for these five countries, develop a ranking based on the level of participation of women in the workforce. Which country had the highest level?
Which had the lowest?

5. According to this textbook, a nation’s immigration policy is a good reference point for examining labor mobility. Using CIA’s World Factbook Website, identify five countries with the highest net immigration rate in Europe.

6. Locate and retrieve the most current ranking of global brands. Identify the criteria that are utilized in these rankings. Which country has considerable representation in the top 100 global brands list? Prepare a short report identifying the countries and industries that possess global brands and the potential reasons for success. Are there any specific industries in which countries represented on the list may have a specialization?

7. Thorough planning is essential to export success. In this respect, pricing for specific markets is one of the critical components for successfully planning a multinational export initiative. One aspect of determining the proper price of your firm’s market offerings in a given market is determining the cost of living in each general location. According to a colleague, a simple way to do this is by locating a report on this subject by the human resource consulting firm Mercer. Considering that your company emphasizes a strategy based on price competitiveness, prepare an executive summary of how to perform an initial pricing analysis for international markets. In addition, which 10 cities worldwide have the highest cost of living?

8. Mercer HR Consulting measures the overall Quality of Living for many cities worldwide. Locate the report and find the cities ranking highest to lowest. Also, provide a brief explanation of what measures are included in determining a city’s quality of living and how multinational corporations can use this information.

9. The text discusses the importance of establishing a good compensation plan for foreign employment. Using the Quarterly Reports for Living Costs Abroad, published by the U.S. department of State, provide a report comparing the cities of Melbourne and Lima.

I have included the following resources for order #A1132697:

1. BP Statistical Review of World Energy (look at Statistical Review 2008)
2. EarthTrends website
3. International Labor Comparisons website
4. CIA's World Factbook website
5. Top 100 Global Brands website
6. Mercer 2008 Cost of Living Survey website
7. Mercer 2008 Quality of Living Survey website
8. Quarterly Reports for Living Costs Abroad (use 2008 results)

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Title: Environmental concerns

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Essay Instructions: select a current event of global significance and using at least four sources beside the text, write a seven- to eight-page paper analyzing its possible historical origins as well as speculating possible course of future developments.

Subject and proposal for paper:

Environmental problems occur when we use more natural resources than our planet is able to renew. All people consume natural resources such as land and water to live. In1900, the beginning of the 20th century, the world population was 1,650,000. In July, 2007, the world's population had reached over 6.6 billion.

I have noticed how, just over the past two years, general attitudes towards the inter-related topics of energy and the environment have changed. Policy issues such as renewable energy subsidies, fuel economy standards and carbon credits are not only taught in school but are even brought up between friends in social settings like bars and restaurants with many students having strong, well-informed opinions about the need for change. Energy and environmental issues involve long-term consequences if immediate action is not taken, and the most recent mantra to be green appears to have prompted the world to move away from complacency and inaction to action.

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Title: Quiz

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Essay Instructions: Sociology

Text: Essentials of Sociology, Anthony Giddens, 3rd Edition. W.W.Norton & Co. New York
Text attached

Assignment: - 5 pages
Read Chapter 13, 15, 16 and answer the following quiz:

1) What are the key elements of the modern economy?
2) How do rural, suburban, and urban lives differ in the United States?
3) How does urbanization affect life across the globe?
4) What are the forces behind world population growth?
5) How does globalization affect social change?
6) What factors contribute to globalization?

Write in narrative style (complete paragraphs) ??" write the questions on the quiz paper.

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