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Title: World History development of civilization

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Essay Instructions: World History-development of civilization
We will consider the effects of both World War I and II, the Cold war, and
mainly the changes modern technological warfare had on the political
structure, the impact of nationalism, and the world of new options and
opportunities for individual nations. thesis

Sources- non specific number what ever is needed
Specifications are as follows:
I have started this paper and have included what I have so far. I would
like a writer who has a good world history background to go through this
paper, edit, delete, add to and generally make it into a historical
summation of this particular time era, with these particular historical
events. Secondly, I need to include a section that uses a particular
historical theme and show how this theme helped to shape the development of
the West.
I will be sending all the information the writer will need through regular
e-mail to your resources. I could not get paypal system to accept my
information as i had written it.

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Title: The sacrifices and glory of Arjuna and Roland

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Essay Instructions: World History Class

Essay One Prompt: On Violence (Thesis/Argument)

In an essay, explore how attitudes towards violence differed across culture and time in at minimum two of our texts. Was the distant past a more violent place than our present? How so? How have historical actors justified violence across cultures? Was violence celebrated? Why have humans committed acts of inhumanity? Do we celebrate violence in the same way today as humans did in the past? Why were heroes men capable of killing other men? Are they still? In your opening paragraph, explain in your own words how you define violence and present a thesis about what is learned by analyzing violence in the past. In your paper?s body, analyze at least two texts to provide evidence for your argument. Do not explain the plots of the texts you discuss In your conclusion, summarize your argument, offer any concluding thoughts, or suggest future directions for research.

Text Used: The Bhagavad Gita, W.J. Johnson and The Song of Roland, Robert Harrison (Cite from text)

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Essay Instructions: World History HIS 110
Assignment I: Individual Report
1. Write report in about 250 worldNelson Mandela
2. Make a study of his life/achievements.
3. Assess his role in the world.
4. Show how he has made an impact on people
5. in your own words depicting the main aspects of this personality Provide
6. Marks will be given for creativity, and innovative presentation
7. A list of the resources referred should be ready
8. Presentations in class will follow register order. All presentations will be completed in the week scheduled. No requests for date change will be entertained.
9. Please go through the Assessment rubrics carefully to make sure all aspects are covered in your presentation.

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Title: Globalization in World History

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Essay Instructions: Book Review Paper ISBN# 0-393-97942-3
Based upon a careful reading of A.G. Hopkins' Globalization in World History, please
write a 3 page review essay in which you address the following:

1) What is the author's thesis (argument), and how does it relate to the study of
World History and the origins of globalization?

2) What evidence (sources) does he employ, and what are the strengths and
weaknesses of Hopkins' analysis or narrative?

Please note: It's a good idea to read the introduction/conclusion to the book before you
read it cover to cover. These often neglected parts of books are generally the most
revealing about an author's purpose, point, and preference of evidence.

RUBRIC: Again, you should strive for excellence (A). Excellence in this instance is
defined by thorough attention to items 1-2 above, in addition to the following:
1) All papers MUST have a clearly stated topical paragraph/introduction in which
you specify your thesis statement (i.e. the focused way in which you intend to
answer the broader, topical research question you generated). You should then
have an expository body that specifically develops, explains, or validates your
thesis statement. Contrary evidence and counter-arguments cannot be ignored;
they must somehow be addressed. Finally, you will need a conclusion that wrapsup
and summarizes what you have said and the historical wider significance(s) of
the book.
2) Your paper must be double-spaced with 1 inch margins, numbered pages if
possible, a title, and specific quotations from your source material cited properly
according to the Chicago ManuallTurabian Style footnotes. Please remember to
cite both paraphrased material and direct quotes with a footnote.

Please use this exact book. ISBN -0-393-97942-3 Globalization in World History Edited by A.G. Hopkins
copyright 2002

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