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Title: Beyond High School

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Essay Instructions: I have applied to Stevenson University Graduate Nursing Program and they did a cummutative GPA using every college and University that I ever attended post high school graduation. The GPA was 2.72 an they request that I submit an additional writing sample addressing my GPA, any difficulties I may have faced, how I am going to handle pursuing a graduate degree and working full-time and any other information I would like to provide for the admissions committee to review.

Now heres what you need to know about me for this letter you can add as much as you need to:
I started at CoppinState University fresh out of high school and I didn't know what I was getting myself into. It was very overwhelming for me. So I seek guidance and was instructed to go to a community college first to get the feel for college life then transfer over to a University. So I started at Essex Community College seeking a nursing degree. But I got pregnant and became very ill and left their College to pursue being a full time single mother working as a Certified Geriatric Assistant. This is why my GPA was the lowest at this Community College then any other school. I had to mature real fast and it was all very new and I made the decision to leave and take care of my child as best I could, but I had the intent to return to school as soon as I could figure out my lifes plan. Then, I found cheaper housing in Harford County so up rooted my family and moved to Harford County. Then I started at Harford Community College for nursing and did satisfcatory work and I was ready to go back to Coppin State University because I had all the pre-requisite needed to enter into Coppins nursing program. So I took their Teas test and score high enough to get into their nursing program. I made deans list three semesters while in Coppins program but at this time I had become a divorced mother of 5 children. The 5th child was given to much medication in the hospital at the age of 6 weeks old and cause him to have cerebral palsy, microcephaley, seizures, and asthma. Not only was I required to be in court every 4 months fighting for my child against this hospital but I also had to learn from Mount Washington of what I was to face with a child of special needs. With all this going on I still maintain a good average but at this time of Coppin's nursing program there was no empathy for any student in my situation. So my advisor told me to get my associates degree from Harford Community College and seek information about Sojourner Douglass nursing progam that caters to single working mothers or just adults in need of the extra support. I contacted Harford Community College for my AAS and I had to write a letter asking to be granted graduation privelages because their rules were you had to complete the last 15 credits at their College. I was granted not only my AAS degree but also to graduate across their stage for my family and kids to see. Of course I didn't stop here because wasn't what I wanted, so I requested information from Sojourner Douglass. I had to write a 4 page letter of why I want to become a nurse even before being allowed to bring any documents for admission, then I was interview by their dean of nursing then I was able to present documents to be used towards my degree. I took their teas test and pass but also had to take their nurse entrance exam and score B average to be granted admission and I did. Even with all these things on my side the dean still only allowed me to take their Licesend Practical Nurse program to prove that I had it in me to handle their Registered Nurse program. Again, I deans list their entire Practical Nurse program and took their entrance exam for their BSN program and score more then enough to be granted entrance. I was and has always been since Essex Community College, a full time and one part time job single then divorced mother, with a house and car bills as well. During my BSN years I worked at Gilchrist Hospice Care and was there for well over 8 years and worked Part time with PRN INC. with private duty home care pediatric patients. All the while I put my oldest child through Post University in Waterbury, CT for Criminal Justice and went to every basketball, soccer, track ,and lacross game she played in. Even traveled to make sure she had food, was taken care of while sick and had money and school officials knew how active I was in her school life. Meantime, going to school full time, changing clothes in my car, eating on the go, and never late or missed any nursing classes because that would have be grounds for dissmal and I wasn't having that. I never got any complaints from my patients infact no one ever knew how much I was doing. I was also the listening ear for all my classmates that cried that it was too hard and couldn't make it, all the while they never knew what just one of my days held. I also had my next child in Morgan University for his Engineering degree and I too made sure everything was taken care of for him, he has now graduated and working on his masters as well. I will be sending my next child off to Boye next year for Psycology degree and I look forward to that as well. I succeed for myself and for my kids to also see how good it feels after accomplishing your goals and make no excuses for what you have to do. And never put off what you can do today for tomorrow because it may never come. I graduated with Cum Lada in the BSN program and was honored by the president whom read my story to the fellow graduates and it had every crying even my family and everyone said I never knew why didn't you tell us but I couldn't because I had a goal to achieve and complaining just wasn't on the menu. I had the hardest lecture/skill/lab instructors but they made me the nurse that I am today. So Stevenson University is getting an asset their program because I strive for nothing less but success and I am in a better situation now because I have nursing for my disabled son and my mother and children father helps with the younger ones now.

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Essay Instructions: dear writer
I want to write research for new product development subject ( NPD)
our product idea is :1- something similar to transformational chair for kids.. But we were thinking of adding more details, for example: baby cocoons, baby carriers, transformational chair, wearable feeding bottle :) temperature measuring baby dish.
Market & Trend Analysis (2p) (find data to confirm the trends) SM
Note: please write about current trends happening around the world. What mothers are doing, what kids are interested in, etc. ( comparing between USA, Arab , Korean market 2012-2013)
Birth rates, premiums, income levels, investments
Market segment: 0.6 months - 4 years old
Market trend analysis:
Korean Trend:
1 Number of children in family decreased
2 Government policy that encourages giving birth
3 Limited space in the apartment
a Smaller space, yet more expensive
4 Cost increasing
5 Quality of life increasing
a demand for fashionable items
b People became richer
6 More single parents
7 Later marriages
8 More spending on children
9 Children are more ?sophisticated? and demand more
10 Annual baby market growth of 20%
a Premium market was growing besides the economic crisis
11 More working mothers

1 Child Services
2 Functionality/ Fashionable
3 Reduced physical efforts of parents
4 Tactile development of child
5 Durability
6 Price considerations
7 Safety

Customers: Mothers as they are the decision makers
if you can add a charts how much people spend for a child, etc
2- 6 Idea Generation (1p) Ch5-6 from ( new products management tenth edition by merle Crawford and Anthony di Benedetto )
a- details of 3-4 idea generation techniques you used
b- generates lots of ideas

can you write the sources please
for Citation Style anything not only harvard

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Title: The Taboo of Women in Management

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1745 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: International management consulting firm Burns & McAllister is listed by Working Mother magazine as one of the top 50 firms in the United States for employment of working mothers and by Working Women magazine as one of the top 10 firms for women. The firm has earned this reputation for several reasons. First, nearly 50% of its partners are women. Second, it has a menu of employee benefits that includes such things as flex hours, sabbaticals, family leave, home-based work, and part-time partner-track positions.
However, B&M recently has been the subject of a series of reports by both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times that scrutinize its policy on female executives in certain nations. B&M has learned, through its years of consulting, that certain countries in which it negotiates for contracts prohibit the use of women in the negotiation process. The cultures of many of these countries do not permit women to speak in a meeting that includes men. Consequently B&M has implemented a policy prohibiting women partners from being assigned these potential account negotiations and later the accounts themselves. Clerical help in the offices can be female, but any contract which clients must be through a male partner or account executive.
For example, Japan still has a two-track hiring system with only 3% of professional positions open to women. The remainder of the women in the Japanese corporate workforce becomes office ladies who file, where uniforms, and serve tea. Dentsu, Inc., a large Japanese Firm, had A picture of the typical Dentsu ?working girl? in its recruiting brochure. Surrounding the photo or comments primarily about her physical appearance: such as (1) her breasts are ?pretty large?; and (2) her bottom is ?rather soft.?
In response to criticism regarding B&M?s posture, the head of the firm's New York office has explained:
Look, we're about as progressive a firm as you'll find. But the reality of international business is that if we try to use women, we can't get the job. It's not a policy of all foreign accounts. We've just identified certain cultures in which women will not be able to successfully land or work on accounts. This restriction does not interfere with their career track. It does not apply to all countries.
The National Organization for Women (NOW) would like B&M to apply to all its operations the standards that it employs in the United States. No restrictions are placed on women here, NOW argues, and other cultures should adapt to our standards; we should not change our standards to adapt to their culture. NOW maintains that without such a posture, change can never come about.
The questions that need to be answered are as follows:
1. Identify primary components of the situation.
2. Define exactly the problems and or issues that are involved. (Research)
3. Describe what makes this an ethical issue.
4. As much as possible describe the background of the issues or problems.
5. Are there terms that have to be defined(define them)
6. What are your options?
7. Why did you choose this option? (Be very precise)
8. What are the possible ramifications of your decision (personal , professional , for the organization )
9.Why is your decision and ethical decision?

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