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Title: City town Re imaging using sport strategies

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Essay Instructions: Task
City/Town Re-imaging using Sport strategies
Today cities and towns are concerned about the image(s) they portray to potential visitors as well as to
their own local communities. Therefore, many urban areas endeavour to re-image themselves in order to
attract investment, tourism and an increase in professionals living within them. This makes cities and
towns very competitive against one another (Page and Hall, 2003: Smith, 2001). This re-imaging
process takes place through place marketing:
The tourism industry is in the business of selling places. Place is commodified
through the process of marketing. The primary goal of a place marketer is to
construct a new image of the place to replace either vague or negative images
previously held by residents, investors and visitors (Page and Hall, 2003)
In pursuing this goal, the tourism industry and the destination are actively trying
to influence the meaning that is attached to a particular area.
(Hinch and Higham 2004:109)
Your task therefore, is to research a town or city in the UK and reimage it by using sport strategies.
Considering the above points firstly you need to identify a town or city within the UK which you feel could
benefit from sport related re-imaging. This may be achieved by reading national newspapers which are
available in the digital library in the LRC, or alternatively by using other media sources.
In addition your report should include as a minimum considerations relating to:
? Demonstrate your rationale for choosing your city or town, giving evidence of any current poor
? Analyse the urban regeneration issues relating to your chosen city/town
? Identify the stakeholders that contribute to urban development programmes and evaluate their
interests in any renewal programme
? Using theoretical strategies (e.g. Smith 2001 and 2005) suggest a desired new or altered image
that would contribute to positive and sustainable urban renewal using sport.
? Branding your city or town is a good way to sell it globally therefore your strategy should also
incorporate a proposal on how you wish your chosen town to be marketed, many cities or towns
use slogans to this end and you may wish to do the same.
? There are always limitations that can be achieved and recognition of these need to be identified
and critically analysed as to whether they can be overcome.
Readings as a minimum should include:
Hinch, T. and Higham, J. (2004) Sport Tourism Development, Clevedon: Channel View
Publications, Chapter 6
Page, S.J. and Hall, M.C. (2003) Managing Urban Tourism, London: Prentice Hall, Chapter 8
Smith, A. (2001) ‘Sporting a New Image?’ in Gratton, C. and Henry, I. (eds) Sport in the City,
London: Routledge, pp 127-148 (e-book on Learning Resources website)
You are expected to make reference to a wide variety of sources, and that you acknowledge and
reference them correctly.
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Title: Urban Development Project Riberira Azul Program

Total Pages: 2 Words: 748 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Project is on an urban development program in Ribeira Brazil. I need the writer who I've worked with before to summarize 2 journal articles which are based on one of the theories I'm exploring which is Amartya Sen. I will provide outline of the project and the research question of sustainability of the upgrading of the slums.

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Essay Instructions: ? Infrastructure for success

In recent years cities have come to be understood as vital engines of economic growth, and as engaged in a competitive struggle to attract increasingly mobile investment. Research has sought to identify the qualities that make cities successful competitors, and numerous league tables have been produced that rank the attributes of different cities. One of the key challenges for built environment professions is to understand these qualities and to seek to ensure / assess whether the infrastructure required to make cities successful is in place. However, questions of what makes a successful city and what makes cities successful are also subject to considerable controversy and raise fundamental issues about the purpose of urban development.

This years theme invites students to explore the different types of infrastructure that underpin the success of cities (for example social, physical, environmental), the ways in which this can be delivered and the types of development cities should prioritise.

Key questions students may consider include:

? What makes cities successful?
? How do we measure success?
? What are the most appropriate goals for professional practice and governmental intervention?
? How can we define infrastructure or urban infrastructure
? What kind of infrastructure is required to make a city successful?
? How can infrastructure investment influence the success of cities?
? How can this infrastructure be put in place? What strategic options are available?
? How do cities and governments ensure they get the strategy right?
? How can major developments with multiple impacts be planned within short time frames?
? How can projects be financed and procured in the face of volatile property and finance markets?
? What is the right balance of free market activity and planning intervention?
? Are the joint skills available to formulate and manage innovative partnership and other delivery models?
? What elements of infrastructure can be distinguished (for instance physical (housing, transport, services etc), social (cultural and educational etc) and administrative (governance etc)?
? How far is infrastructure durable (eg beyond the Olympics)?
? How far is infrastructure sustainable?

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Title: Housing for the Mentally Ill

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5997 Works Cited: 20 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper is just a study into mental health housing. It should be written from two points of view: Psychological effect of housing difficulties on the mentally ill and Sociological factors that determine how mentally ill people are incorporated into society. I would prefer most of the paper be relevant to Tennessee, but federal references can be used as long as they are relevant. Please follow the basic proposal below, as I will be adding interviews at relevant places in the finished paper. I also need to use most of the sources listed below in the way I have outlined for each. Please maker sure I can access all of the resources you use other than those below in case I need to add information later (either a nonsecure site, or attach a PDF, please).

Here is the basic proposal to follow:
A major problem for many mentally ill people is dealing with day-to-day problems unrelated to their illness, one of which is securing and maintaining a residence. Facilities local to Tennesseans attempt to secure patients with housing, but often meet obstacles such as budget cuts, rising costs of living, and opposition from insurance companies. My study will examine this phenomenon, expose redundancies and waste, and propose some ideas for solutions. I chose this issue because it involves both of my concentration areas of Psychology and Sociology. I am considering entering this field and the research will provide me with insight into the day to day of social work and the needs of mentally ill patients who require assistance. Many aspects of providing Psychological treatment is realized through social involvement. Mental health providers help relieve some pressure by integrating patients into group homes, teaching them to interact accordingly, and building essential skill sets to meet the norms of our society. Social environments have a great impact on Psychological wellbeing.
Here are some sources I’d like included with some notes on how I’d like them used:

Betts, V.B. (n.d.) Housing and Homeless Services. Department of Mental Health and
Developmental Disabilities. Retrieved June 22, 2010, from

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities have statistics listed in their website related to the price of housing and the income of disabled Americans. The numbers show that there is a large deficiency in the income of disabled persons for the acquisition of descent housing. There are recommended ways in which government officials can help in the housing and a plan for housing through social services with an explanation of the cost effectiveness of this proposed program.

Creating Homes Initiative. (2010). TN Department of Mental Health and Developmental
Disabilities. Retrieved on June 23, 2010 from

The Creating Homes Initiative (CHI) pledged to create 2005 homes for those with mental illness by 2005. The original goal was exceeded by 100% and a new goal was set to build 1,100 new or improved permanent housing options each year. I will document how helpful this program has been as well as its limitations. I will also try to discover what levels of mental illness patients these homes assist.

Fair Housing. (2010). U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Retrieved
June, 23 2010 from

This website is an online resource library for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. I intend to use this site information about housing discrimination complaints, accessibility guidelines, funding availability, and program descriptions.

Good Stories Collection. (2010). U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Retrieved June, 23 2010 from

This site is dedicated to public awareness of good things accomplished with HUD funds. I will extract a few relevant examples of successful programs and events to compliment my other research.

Housing Within Reach: Permanent Housing Solutions for Tennesseans Diagnosed With a
Mental Illness or a Co-Occurring Disorder. (n.d.). Retrieved June 22, 2010, from

Housing within reach is a website intended to help people diagnosed with mental illnesses find and obtain affordable housing. The website lists common misunderstandings and stigmas involved in finding housing for mentally ill individuals, laws that are meant to prevent discrimination on the basis of mental health and resources that are helpful in finding affordable housing. This website contains information of the problems that people diagnosed with mental illnesses face when trying to obtain housing.

Policy Topics: Housing. (2010). National Alliance on Mental Illness. Retrieved June 22,
2010, from

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a policy fact sheet that lists NAMI support facts concerning housing and housing government policy. The website also has links to news concerning housing funding levels and NAMI backed Housing Acts that have been proposed to the government for approval.

The Severely Mentally Ill Homeless: Housing Needs and Housing Policy. (n.d.). Retrieved
June 22, 2010, from

Johns Hopkins University reviewed research on the subject of Housing for the mentally ill and put their findings together for writing policies that address the problems that the mentally ill face in finding housing. Listed within this site are reasons that mentally ill persons have difficulties finding housing, when mentally ill persons most often become homeless, what type of assistance is needed to correct the problems and housing policy challenges.

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