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Title: Week 5

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Essay Instructions: I have really enjoyed the help so far. Just another week.

Comparative Transportation Systems
Assignment eight Written Paper ( 4 pages with references)
Open a google search page and type in “Amtrak: Its Struggle for Survival and Respect” the first page brought up will be a google book that allows you to read that certain chapter of the book “American Transportation Policy”. Use this text as a reference.
Provide a one or two page response for each of the following questions. Note:
You may combine both questions under one document submission.
(1) How has the railroad industry changed from its monopoly position in the 19th
century due to the Staggers Act?
(2) Analyze and contrast the differences between rail and truck based cost, both
fixed and variable, when moving freight. What are the benefits and pitfalls for
consolidation in the freight rail industry working in conjunction with the trucking

Strategic Intermodal Transportation

Written Paper (1 ½ page with references, use Geography of Transportation link to chapter 6 & 8)
What is the environmental impact of the world’s ever increasing (direct and indirect) demand for transportation?

Discussion Board (1 page use Geography of Transportation online companion reading and go to page 211)
Discuss the last mile as a distribution problem in terms of your knowledge and/or experience (page 211 of your text.

Port and Terminal Operations

Discussion Board (1 ½ page with about 5 references)
Explain how you would develop port labor as a port owner. Be specific. Discuss in detail.

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Essay Instructions: This is my final report for Week 8. The paper is due on Monday at noon July 18, 2011.

The individual assignment is on "Report on Quantitative and Qualitative Data for a Topic."

Submit a research report focusing on the topic area to which you were assigned. Based the report on your qualitiatve inquiry from interviews and quantitative investigation fron survey, each addressing the same problem area. Discuss how the results from the quantitative and qualitative components differ and where they triangulate. Include the following elements of a research report:

Literature review
Research questions
Development of instruments
Administration of instruments

Locate and include at least three scholarly publications relevant to the topic you studied, which is Attitude towards Alternative Transportation Methods.

Write and format your paper in complete compliance with APA 6 standards.

**Let's pay close attention to the Matrix rubrics to produce a sound report. I am uploading the Wk 2 and Wk 7 reports that protains to the assignment.

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Title: Transportation security in the United States

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Essay Instructions: Hello there...
i need a term paper on transportation security in the united states by sunday Aug 3, 2008. Please help

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Essay Instructions: Recall that the central theme of this course is how science and technology has influenced history of the modern period. Specifically, politics and government (including the "isms," international organizations, democracy, settlement of dispute, transportation (steamships to trains to automotives to aircraft), communications (telegraph, radio, television, computers), family and social relations (role of women, family structure, education), and economics (economic arrangements, global economy).
Modules will cover all of these above areas to some degree. However, the SLP will give you an opportunity to study in depth the history of one of the above areas. So, you need to choose an area of interest to you.
You are to decide on the topic or area on which you will be reading with a description and send your choice to me. Also, please enclose a brief biographical sketch so I can get to know you better.

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