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Title: TOYOTA Organizational Assessment

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Essay Instructions: TOYOTA Organizational Assessment:

1. Prepare a summary of the background and history of the organization including Toyota current mission.(3 pages)

3.Prepare a thorough SWOT analysis on the organization that includes at least 15 each of the enterprise’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (Google on SWOT analysis or refere to your textbook). (2 pages)

4.Determine the organizations current marketing mix (See the textbook Marketing, 1st Edition 2009, ISBN-13 0806 for an overview and many other references by accessing the index at the back of the book, if you have this textbook then its great if not then any recent marketing book will do the same job) (3 pages)

5.Conduct secondary marketing research via online publication database, to gather a minimum of 15 articles that relate to the organization. Include a synopsis of your key research findings in a (3) page synopsis.

6.What strategic changes would you recommend that this organization make to its marketing mix in order to remain competitive over the next 3-5 year period of time. List your recommendations and reasons for your stated changes making use of your research from step 5 above. If marketing mix components can be expected to stay relatively the same, use your research from (5) above to prove your points. (4 pages)
The paper needs to be at least a 15 page word-processed paper, with 1" margins all around.

In terms for format, The professor prefer 1.5" line spacing, block style papers that have no indents and leaving the right edge ragged. Please just skip a space between paragraphs. No cover page is required.
Not following my formatting guidelines will result in a grade reduction of at least 10 points by my professor.

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Essay Instructions: TOYOTA cars company

You are required to examine the external environment of TOYOTA you have selected and discuss how this impacts on the internal organisational strategy (structures and management).

Task 1: Critically evaluate the key factors (e.g. environmental, global, competition, technology) that impact on TOYOTA performance. Your findings should be drawn from use of analysis tools (e.g. PESTLE, Porter?s five forces, SWOT).

Task 2: Provide strategic recommendations for senior managers of the TOYOTA

The above two tasks need to be presented in a business report format.

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Title: organizational structure

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Essay Instructions: Toyota
Evaluate how the organizational function FINANCE impacts the organizational structure of Toyota.

Cite at least two references

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Title: SWOT analysis

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Essay Instructions: II. Organizational Paper ??" 20 POINTS
This is worth 20 points. The goal is to research an organization and to write a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness,Opportunities and Threats) analysis currently facing that specific organization. Paper should be a minimum of 8 pages (double space).

Please properly cite references. Check the website below for reference:
APA Formatting -
MLA Formatting -
One thing to keep in mind when writing up your analysis, NARROW DOWN YOUR FOCUS (do not use wikipedia for as a resource)

Strength & Weakness are INTERNAL environment
Opportunities & Threats are EXTERNAL environment

Below is the breakdown of your analysis:
• Introduction (2 points) ??" about the organization’s mission and objectives. The kind of services or
product they sell/provide to the community.
• Strength (4 points)
• Weakness (4 points)
• Opportunities (4 points)
• Threats (4 points)
• Conclusion (2 points) ??" make a recommendation. How do you see the future organization based on the SWOT analysis.

THE ORGANIZATION I CHOOSE IS TOYOTA ( the toyota motor corporation )

i will provide some links to for the resources that you can use, but you can change or add more.
I will also provide the SWOT analysis that you need to cover.
i will also provide you a power point about external and internal environment.

if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

thank you
There are faxes for this order.

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