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Title: How do middle schools accommodate student diveristy in the schools

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Research Question:
• State your research question, and describe why is this an important question/problem to study?

Abstract and key words:
• Include an abstract of your paper here.

• What are some key words that will need to be place in this study so the reader has a clearer understanding?

• Describe which theories and theorists are closely related to your research topic? (Be sure you include more than one so that you can compare and contrast within your paper using your journal critiques that you have completed)

• How does your research relate to the existing theories? What are your own theoretical assumptions and allegiances based on the information you have gathered?

Include outline of your theoretical research paper.
• Place a detailed outline of your headings and subheading for the paper here.

• What do you still need to determine/find through my research?

Create a bibliography for your Theoretical Framework Paper. Your bibliography should include at least 10 scholarly, empirical, current sources (within the last 5 years) that are directly related to your research question and learning theory. Be sure that you select a variety of respected sources that you can use in your paper. Format the bibliography in correct APA style. This assignment is due by the end of Module/Week 6.


For the final assignment in this course, write a traditional theoretical framework paper that builds upon the research question, outline, and bibliography that you have already submitted. Your paper should be 8??"10 pages in length and should incorporate at least 10 empirical sources, all of which must be cited on the final bibliography page. It is important that you synthesize the information from your research in order to create a well-blended paper. Also, remember that the purpose of this Theoretical Framework Paper is to use a specific learning theory to address your research question or problem; thus, your research question should build upon the learning theory that you have chosen. Organize and format your paper according to APA style. If you need more help understanding theoretical papers, consult the corresponding section in your APA manual. Your paper will be due in LiveText by the end of Module/Week 8.

Include the following elements in your paper:
• Title page including a running head
• Abstract and key words
• Body
o Introduction concluding with research question
o Discussion of key terms
o Learning theory information and how it is related to your specific research question
o Conclusion/Summary
• Reference List

Review the Theoretical Framework Paper Grading Rubric to see how this assignment will be evaluated.

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Title: Theoretical Framework

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Essay Instructions: Final Project ? Theoretical Framework
A theoretical framework may help establish a vantage point, a perspective, or a lens through which you may view an issue. It may also help establish gaps in previous research or solidify a methodological approach. In addition, the theoretical framework should help you and the reader make sense of your research. Using existing theories as the theoretical framework of your research can lead to a new understanding of, or solution to, a research topic.

As you prepare for this assignment, think about the traditional and contemporary theories you discussed in this week?s Discussion. Consider how they provide a Theoretical Framework section for your Final Project. Also, think about the strengths and limitations of each theory.

The assignment (3?4 pages):
? Compose the Theoretical Framework section of your Final Project.
? Provide a description and rationale for each theory.
? Include the strengths and limitations of each theory.
? Be sure to provide a reference list in proper APA style.
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.
*Final Project ? Human Trafficking

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Title: theoretical framework

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Essay Instructions: 1) Discuss why a theoretical framework is important for a research study and in developing a literature review.

2)What difference would it make if a researcher did not have a framework for focusing research?

3) What were the two key variables in Langer's study? and described how Langer connected his theoretical framework to these variables. and how did having a clear theoretical framework help Langer (2002) focus his study more effectively? Described the importance of the theoretical framework in Langer's study

4) In this article "A" identify the theoretical framework the author used to connect the key variables. Included a brief example of a theoretical framework from the article related to r research topic and question, identified the two key variables, and explained the role of the specific theory that linked the key variables.
A) Brawer, P. A., Anthony, N., Roberts, R., Wajda-Johnston., Valerie A., Fabricatore. & Handal, P. J. (2002). Training and education in religion/spirituality within APA-accredited clinical psychology programs. . Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 33(2). This journal reports on the various challenges that Christian religious leaders are likely to encounter basing on their various spiritual backgrounds. Such are the aspects that lead to conflict, which divide the Christian family

Identified each article as a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods study, and summarized the author's research purpose, methods, and key findings.
Evaluated the quality, credibility, and reliability of the sources.
Reflected on each annotation?s relevance to your research topic/research questions and potential use as part of final literature review.
Displayed accurate APA Style and format (including the Title page) by presenting information in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrating ethical scholarship with accurate in-text citations and references; displaying accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation

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Title: Theoretical Framework

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Essay Instructions: Activity 3: Conceptual or Theoretical Framework
You will present a conceptual or theoretical framework in your dissertation, which will serve as the basis for the remainder of your dissertation work. The data you collect, the techniques you use to analyze your data, and the interpretations you make of your findings must all align and make sense with your theoretical framework.

Activity Resources
• Trochim, W., & Donnelly, J. (2008). ??" Chapter 1
• Creswell, J. W. (2013). ??" Chapter 3
Main Task: Theoretical Perspective
Based on your topic paper developed in Brand Loyalty in USA (Developed country) v Kenya (Developing), write a Theoretical Perspective section for your envisioned dissertation research. Theoretical frameworks provide a basis for the study, examples include social and psychological theories, organizational theories, economic theories and educational theories. For guidance, refer to chapter 3 of the Creswell text.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards
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