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Instructions for The Wretched Of The Earth College Essay Examples

Title: THE WRECTHED OF THE EARTH please find specific topic below additional specification

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a): Identify the main elements of Fanon’s thesis on colonization.

b): Explain the various phases of native’s identity formation.

c): Give your own views on Fanon’s justification in use of violence for decolonization.


(1) develop the essence of key positions developed by Fanon. (2) Assess the arguments and develop a thoughtful response to them.
3) include direct quotes
4)include paraphrasing.
5) I, in my opinion..., can be used


main elements of fanon's thesis on colonization
Various phases of native's identity formation
Own views on fanon's justification in use of violence for decolonization

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Title: The Task or the role of African philosophy philosopher in the anti colonial struggle in Africa

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Essay Instructions: Assume that what is said about the intellectual encompasses what should be said of a philosopher. The paper is to be based on your reading of Fanon’s book The Wretched of the Earth. Every chapter contains information that should help you formulate ideas about your paper. The paper must be well thought and should provide evidence that you have carefully read Fanon’s book. Yu may include some ideas from the movie Lumumba or from any of the previous readings or videos. You may also want to explore the relation between African philosophy/philosophy in the context of anti-colonial struggle and Western philosophy/philosopher -explore the African -Western philosophical encounter. You may want to focus on the role of philosophy in the anti-colonial context. Whatever you write should display a good grasp of the issues that Fanon is grappling with in the Wretched of the Earth

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Essay Instructions: ow does Frantz Fanon justify the use of violence in his book "the wretched of the earth?" Discuss in relation to decolonisation in Algeria.

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Title: Colonialism violence religion struggle for liberation etc re South Africa

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Essay Instructions: (I am unable to send the sources below. I hope you have access to them. Regarding the book, if absolutely necessary I can scan the pages but this would take a long time.)

Based on the concepts portrayed in the film “The Battle of Algiers” and Frantz Fanon’s book "The Wretched of the Earth", choose one country on the continent of Africa and write a short analysis of the time period from the colonial era throughout the 1980’s. Make sure you account for the following:

Colonial era influences
That nation’s struggle for independence
US foreign policy towards that country during its struggle for independence and in the years that followed.

(I have chosen South Africa as the country to be written about)

Describe the role of violence in the liberation struggle

Did violence unite the people?

Was torture used? Was it impactful on the behalf of the colonized as well as the colonizer?

What does Fanon mean by cultural violence (in the case of your case study)? Was there any evidence of this in the movie that could be applied to your case study?

What was the role of class in this struggle?

Why does Fanon say that Marxism has to be adjusted when considering colonialism (discuss this within the context of your case study)? Race and Class

What role did religion play in the colonial process?

Discuss the doctrine of Cartierism and how this particular doctrine relates to decolonization (within the context of your case study)

Capitalism verses socialism (if applicable to your case study)?

Rural and Urban liberation struggles (discuss how this applies to your case study)

What is meant by neo-colonialism?

Discuss issues of sovereignty and intervention within the context of your case study

Discuss how the liberation movement was organized in your particular case study and how this particular way of organizing helped freedom fighters to achieve particular goals.

What is meant by nationalism?

Describe how African nationalism influenced political, social and economic development in your particular case study.

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