role of African philosophy/philosopher in the anti-Colonial struggle in Africa

Anti-Colonial Struggle and African Philosophers

In spite of moving into a post-colonial modern world, there continue to be issues about developed nations' engagement within the Under-developed. Along with massive invasions as well as prolonged occupations of nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, along with speculation of designed invasions in other places, the concept of encouraging coups as well as propping up warm and friendly regimes carries on. Whilst help of coups has been not necessarily direct, instant acknowledgement of the coup-led authorities (as took place in 2002 where a new federal government briefly ousted Hugo Chavez from power) or perhaps a sluggish reaction accompanied by a sanguine approval of the brand-new status quo (like the current coup within Honduras in opposition to Zelaya) enhance the image of the U.S.A. And also the West as even now hesitant to allow the Under...
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