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Essay Instructions: Work Motivation Assignment:

Please read the question

Your assignment will be reviewed through Safe Assign

The topic is about ?Process theory - Equity theory?
1. Describe the Equity theory
2. Identify its strengths and weaknesses

(You may use other sources of information beyond the textbook to do this.
Please be sure to reference all additional material you use appropriately and all from the internet)

3. Explain how you feel this theory applies to you and your workplace (I am working as a computer lab supervisor in a university)
(Use specific examples from your own experience to explain how the theory helps you understand your motivation to work).

First: Resole felt ine quities on my position with examples:
a- felt negative inequity
b- Felt positive inequity

Second: Adam's equity theory on my position
Third: Managing the equity dynamic (I need a graph similar to figure 3.5 in the uploaded file but about my job as a computer lab supervisor)

Dear writer you may need to know some details about me at work:

I am working from 7 years as a computer lab supervisor and I did not get any promotions or a higher level at work such as my colleagues during these years. I am hard worker and got excellent grades on my annual performances all these 7 years which makes my disappointed a little at work but still I have the power to give more and improve my skills and expertise.

My duties are:
My job duties require me to supervise the computer labs from organizing the internal network in two computer labs to share folders and printers between them, download samples and models for each lecture as requested by the lecturer, install and update programs in the computer labs, repair failures in computers and printers in both labs and ensure that all the devices are working properly, organize the computer lab schedule with the lecturers, supervise the print unit in the computer lab which contains a plotter, color laser printer, ink jet printer, A3 scanner and help the students to use these devices in the right way. For example, printing CD covers, posters, brochures, tabloids, magazines and graduation research documents and reports.
I am a member in the website committee in the college which I am responsible to create web pages, enter data, update the information continuously, inserting the college news, events, conferences, videos, pictures. Also I am responsible in inserting the college announcements in the university site. In addition, I provide the required devices for the workshops, training courses, exhibitions, seminars which are held in the college. Also, I am responsible for printing posters for some college events such as the college seminars and graduation exhibitions.
Furthermore, I coordinate with the computer center if there are any failures that cannot be solved in the devices in the Smart Units and also in both computer labs, coordinate with the network engineers to activate the network points in the Smart Units classrooms and the computer labs which Interrupted suddenly some times.I spend most of my working time in helping students in using computer skills and programs, giving solutions if they face any problem in their laptops from installing programs and activating the wireless. I also provide assistance in the annual evaluation for the teaching members in each semester by distributing the questionnaire to students and help them if they have any question in filling it, observe exams during the semesters.

Please write each question on the top of the answers

Excerpt From Essay:

The essay must be basded on the construction industry with a maximum of 800 words.
Question 1 the value of assessing performance 30% of the paper.
Descibe the formal and informal systems of assessment / appraisal within the construction industry.
Explain the value of each and identify ways that you ensure that it is fair and objective and suggest changes that could be made to improve.The value of all assesments need to be explained.

Question 2 Motivating the team to improve performance in the work place 50% of the paper.
Briefly describe factors that influence the way people in the construction industry behave and based on this explain how you would apply one recognised theory of motivation to your team to improve thier performance the answer must contain the factors that influence how people behave at work.

Question 3 The value of feedback in the work place 20% of the paper.
Explain why feedback is important to improve communication and the performances of a team and compare the effectiveness of different types of feedback used in the construction industry the answer must contain the effectiveness of different types of feedback is compared

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: occupational health and safety identify all lighting non ionising radiation and ionising radiation hazards in the workplace

Total Pages: 14 Words: 4258 Sources: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Work Environment to be Assessed

The work environment to be assessed is a large general Hospital.You should consider all work activities that are likely to be present in this type of environment. This will include operational, maintenance and administrative tasks.
A wide range of L, NIR and IR hazards are likely to be present and will need to be identified

1. Identify and Demonstrated an ability to recognise all lighting, non-ionising radiation and ionising radiation hazards that may be present in the workplace

2.Describe how you would assess the risk associated with each of these hazards (including any necessary surveys and measurements)

3.State the relevant UK legislative requirements relating to the control of the risks relating to these hazards.

4.Outline a Suitable Control Strategy that will:
a) adequately control the risks
b) clearly specify what actions need to be taken
c) meet any legislative requirements.

Your work should be presented in concise report format and should be no longer than 4000 words.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Work Related Attitudes Prejudice Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1816 References: 20 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 20 references to academic journal articles. You may include other types of citations, but a minimum of 20 journal citations is required.

An abstract must be included and will have both the citation to an article and a brief summary of the article; but should also include a statement regarding how the article is relevant to the research idea.

In the Topic, you should conduct numerous database searches to obtain a list of sources. You should review each of these sources to determine how each is relevant to their topic.

The research proposal project must be divided into three.

Part 1 consists conducting a thorough review of relevant literature and generating an annotated bibliography. For the purpose of this project, the annotated bibliography is a bibliography that includes both the citation to an article and a brief summary of the article; that summary may be the article abstract, but should also include a statement regarding how the article is relevant to the research idea. You should compile the work into an annotated bibliography that includes at least 20 references to academic journal articles. You may include other types of citations, but a minimum of 20 journal citations is required. I will be grade for Part 1 based upon thoroughness of research, relevance of included citations, and format of annotated bibliography (APA style required).

Part 2 involves the generation of an original research idea and creation of a research model. The key to generating an original research idea is to be certain that the idea is, in fact, original. Once it is determined that the research idea is indeed original, You will simply create a graphical representation of the relationship they intend to test. This model must include at least one independent variable and one dependent variable, and should also include at least one additional variable (typically a moderating variable). A simple example is provided below.
Independent Variable------------------------------------------------Dependent Variable
Moderating Variable

In the model above, there is a hypothesized relationship between the independent variable and dependent variable which is modified (i.e. moderated) by the moderating variable. When you create their own models, they should place their variable names in the model and identify the variables as independent, dependent, etc. outside of the graphical model itself. The grade for Part 2 will be based upon the originality of the research idea, and the appropriateness of the model.

Part 3 requires composing a detailed outline for a research proposal. Below is a rough outline for you to start with. The outlines will need to include the details asked for, but not included in, the outline below, as well as, any other details needed to effectively represent the nature and structure of the research proposal.

I. Introduction
a. Describe the general area of study
b. State the problem and/or gap in research
c. Justify the study both theoretically and conceptually
d. State objectives / list research questions to be answered
II. Review of the Literature
a. Summarize what is already known about your topic
b. Describe several important studies relative to your research idea, supporting the logic of your argument for the study
c. Be sure to include recent developments in the area
d. Justify why existing studies are not sufficient, and thus, your study is necessary
e. Explicitly state your research hypotheses
III. Methodology
a. Research design ??" define variables and the relationships you intend to test (describe the testing of hypotheses)
b. Sample ??" who are the participants, how many are there, how are they selected (sampling method), how are they recruited
c. Variable measurement ??" explicitly describe how you will measure variables (address reliability and validity considerations)
d. Procedure ??" exactly what will be done and by whom
e. Analysis ??" how will you analyze the data, what would confirm your hypotheses, what would refute your hypotheses

[NOTE: A good resource is]

The grade for Part 3 will be based upon the level of detail in the outline, the structure of the outline, and the degree to which the outline is representative of the beginnings of a quality research proposal.

[NOTE: All parts of the project must be completed and deliver separately.

To make it easy, I will pay for all the project to be deliver on the 28th of March. But you may deliver only the first part on the 28th of March. The rest of the project must be deliver NO LATER THAN April 3rd, 2012 @ 8:00 pm ET.

Excerpt From Essay:

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