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Title: The Outsider

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Essay Instructions: Hi. I need a short summary of The Outsider. Its format will be 12 font Times New Roman. Thanks in advance.

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Essay Instructions: The subject of the essay is to compareing female characters between Victorian Era and modernism and what the use of them as ?outsiders? represents for the authors.

Compare those authors? treatments of these characters. What does the outsider represent to writers of this era?

Works to compare:
Victorian Era: Jane Eyre, Bronte
Modernism (20th Century): The Horse Dealer?s Daughter, DH Lawrence
The Secret Sharer, Conrad

Outsiders to compare:
Jane and Mabel

Be as specific as possible in your thesis. For example, in creating a definition, use very clear terms. You'll then spend the rest of the essay backing up that thesis.
Use several quotes from your texts in backing up your claim.

Consider these questions in light of the movements we've discussed. For example, if you're looking at (a) modernist text(s), does modernism impact the choices the writers make? How?

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Title: THe Outsiders

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Essay Instructions: I need a bookreport on The book The Outsiders by SE HINTON
if you need the book I will have to fax it to you. PLease let me know.

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Title: Surrealism and Existentialism

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Essay Instructions: I want a seminar paper that dwells on Fanon's Black Skin White Masks and his critique of Sartre's essay "Black Orpheus" with the way that even an existentialist finds that blackness is "essential" as both philosophical grounding and something that precedes existence.This is to say, a seminar paper on existentialist themes in Fanon's Black Skin White Masks.

Or You can write on Richard Wright's novel The Outsider. Think toward the 5 major philosophical and existentialist concepts that name The Outsider's chapters: Dread, Dream, Descent,Despair, Decision.That is to say, that you need to consider, among other things, the ways that this novel is both example of and an attempt to overturn the key concepts or cliches of, say, Existentialism and what it might mean to be a thinking black man and therefore particularly (in)visible.
Not that you are going to write on Wright as opening or closing in on Existentialism or Surrealism or anti-colonialism or resisting others’ “blackness,” but Wright brings together the essays that drift to his connections to Fanon and liberation journals .
Or you can write on Jody Blake's book Le Tumulte Noir and its intellectual and pictorial history of 1920-1930 Jazz Age and “negrophilia” and researches of “ethnographic surrealism” .

You can use the texts I have just mentioned and whatever additional texts (critical or theoretical essays or chapters, fiction, poetry, manifestoes, surrealist ethnographic D/documents, graphic art, music, or documentary film) that will sustain your argument.
There are faxes for this order.

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