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Title: The Bell Jar

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Essay Instructions: Look more closely at Esther's relationship with her mother in the Bell Jar. How would you characterize it? What about her father figures? What does her mother represent in the novel? Is she just another version of supressed womanhood? What kinds of threats does she pose to Esther?

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Title: comparison contrast of sylvia plath and esther greenwood

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Essay Instructions: the paper is to be a 9 page essay. It is to be done in MLA format. it needs several items. 1. a cover page 2.a works cited page. this essay is to be a comparison contrast of sylvia plath and esther greenwood the main character in her novel the bell jar. the first part of the essay must be about sylvia plath herself. the second part of the essay is to be a summary of the Bell Jar. the main part of the essay is to be about a comparison contrast of sylvia and esther. how esther and sylvias lives compare and how they differ. to me esther greenwood is plaths alter ego. I see a bit of feminism in relation to both the character and sylvia. I also see a dislike of the mother in both parties. however, as long as it is a comparison contrast of the two. i will let you decide how to write it. I need it to sound intelligent but not overly intelligent i am after all just a college freshman. I tend to be a colorful writer so all i ask is that u try not to sound to staunchy or stuffy. once again. I am requesting a WORK CITED PAGE accompany this paper please. i also need a footnotes page and an epigram page. once again i need a cover page, an epigram, the paper itself, a notes page, and a work cited page. thank you

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