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Title: Dialect

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Essay Instructions: From the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," discuss the dialect itself, why the author chose to use it, its effect in the passage, what would be lost without it, etc. This should be more of a literary analysis of an author''s use of language than a linguistic discussion of a particular dialect. Must answer: What does the dialect say about the character?

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Title: tom sawyer

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Essay Instructions: I need one outside source either an article or book, no internet. It on the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Do not retell the story. Focus on the author's use of fairy tale of motifs. I would like the writer who wrote my paper for order#39519, to work on this paper. The user name was not written. But the assignment was for the motif of the secret garden.

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Title: Anne of Green gables and tom sawyer

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Essay Instructions: write a paper about the following issue as it pertains to both books, "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Anne of Green Gables." Make sure to craft an argument that does more than merely state the novel's differences and simularities, which would be obvious to anyone who read the two books. An argument, by definition, is not a statement of fact; it presents an interpretation, an opinion, which can be reasonably disagreed with. After determining the novels' relevant commonalities and differences, decide why they matter. What larger point about the novels and their themes do these observations suggest?
Question: What role does nature play on the lives of Tom and Anne? (the main characters)What are these protagonists' relationships to nature, and more importantly, how do those relationships affect the author's larger ideas, themes, and messages?

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Title: Tom Sawyer

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Essay Instructions: Thesis sentence must be:

The main character in Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, evolves throught three stages of heroism: a play hero, a false hero, and a real hero.

1st sentence of 1st paragraph:

Initially, Tom is a "play hero" in the games he plays with his friends.

then choose 3 examples to develop paragraph from:

robin hood p 61-62
pirates p 58-59,89
army p17-18
aerobatic hero p 17-18

1st sentence of 2 nd paragraph must be:

Later, Tome becomes a "false hero" as his need for attention pulls him into realistic role playing.

choose 3 examples to develop paragraph:

sunday school episode p 25
late to school p 47
the funeral p117
the dream episode p 120

1st sentence of 3rd paragraph must be:

Finally, Tom emerges as a "real hero" when his concern for other outweighs his concern for himself.

choose 3 examples to develop paragraph:

the trial p 153
becky's spanking p 136
the cave and becky's rescue p 203
keeping huck civilized p 229

Paper must have the following:

1. At least 2 quotes per stage of heroism
2. Correct mechanics-capitalization, punctuation, no run-ons/fragments,spelling and verb tense(present)usage.
3.Details in paragraphs must be directly realted to given topic sentences.

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