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Title: teaching assistant resume

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Essay Instructions: Purpose:

Provide teaching assistance for undergraduate course.


?Teaching Assistants must have successfully completed the same class they are assisting in (or an equivalent course as determined by instructor or professor).
?Must be able to interact well with peers, professors and staff.
?Must be able to deal effectively with a variety of learning styles.
?Must possess excellent oral & written communication skills.
?Must be patient, responsible and organized.
?Previous teaching or tutoring experience preferred.


?Grading problem sets, papers and/or exams for undergraduate courses
?Holding review sessions for undergraduate courses
?Helping individual students to complete course assignments
?Holding regular office hours

Plus other related work to facilitate instruction and grading as assigned by professor in charge of course.

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Title: Labor and Union Studies

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1425 References: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Based on your reading of the case studies, how much power or influence do the labor and management sides have over workplace rules and organization? Refer to specific examples from the cases. Use the questions at the end of each case study to help organize your answer.

Case study 5.2 - "Are Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Proctors Employees Under the NLRB"

1. Why would a labor union want to organize and represent TA's, RA's, and proctors?
2. Why would TA's, RA's, and proctors want union representation?
3. What rights would TA's, RA's and proctors have if the NLRB rules they are "employees" under the NLRA?
4. Which group(s) if any, would be "employees" under the NLRA and, thereby be allowed to form a union?

Case Study 6.3 - "Unilateral Work Rule Changes"

1. What is the purpose of a zipper clause?
2. Which, if any, of the two new rules involve a mandatory subject of bargaining? Explain your reasoning?
3. Did management's unilateral implementation of the two new work rules without providing the union with prior notice or an opportunity to bargain constitute a violation of the duty to bargain in good faith under the LMRA, as amended? If so, what should be the appropriate remedy?
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Title: Doctoral Level Teaching Assistant

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Essay Instructions: This is a Doctoral level Term paper emphasizing the skills needed to be an effective Teaching Assistant for a Medical Ethics Doctoral course.
Please include:
An Abstract
Review of the Literature

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Title: Labor laws

Total Pages: 3 Words: 870 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please answer with 200 words for each questions and inline citation as well as list references.

1. Does the labor law encourage or discourage unionization?
2. Do you think teaching assistants should be considered employees?
3. Do you think management's reaction to employee interest in unionization differs if the employer already has a high union density among other employee groups?
4. What are the key factors that led some RAs to have interest in union representation? Do you think that RAs have legitimate job-related concerns, or are the RA complaints overstated?
5. Do the RAs opposed to unionization have legitimate concerns? How could unionization change the culture of Residence Life?
6. How does the law regarding union recognition for public employees in this state compare with the NLRA rules regarding union recognition for private-sector employees?
7. Why did the LRC determine that RAs and CDAs were employees? Do you agree with the LRC decision? Why? Why not?

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