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Title: Is Target Marketing Ever Bad

Total Pages: 2 Words: 589 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: In the Applications section in Chapter 6 (p.219 of the customized (Kotler and Keller) text) there is a marketing debate presented on the topic of “Is Target Marketing Ever Bad?” Carefully read through this discussion and Take a Position on the issue raised: Targeting (ethnic) minorities is exploitative versus Targeting (ethnic) minorities is a sound business practice. Defend your position based upon sound marketing oriented arguments, include and document 3-6 external references (not taken from the text or course materials) in support of your stance and please limit your response to 3-6 paragraphs (or to a max of 600 words).

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Title: Segmenting the Market Target Marketing Products and Prices

Total Pages: 2 Words: 643 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Use page references where applicable for the following.

Part One: Differences between market segmentation and target marketing

(a) Define, in your own words, the concept of market segmentation.

(b) Define, in your own words, the concept of target marketing.

(c) Write a summary statement of the differences between the two concepts.

Part Two: Product positioning

(a) Define, in your own words, the concept of product positioning.

(b) Describe an example of a company, a product, and a positioning strategy, NOT found in the textbook, where applied product positioning strategy was implemented successfully.

Part Three: Managing the Product Life Cycle

(a) Locate the three (3) major methods for modifying (extending) the product life cycle. There are seven (7) sub-choices within the three methods.

(b) Provide at least one real world example where a company successfully extended a product’s life cycle by one of the modification methods listed in the textbook.

(c) Define the specific method you selected for your example.

For the company use Mountain Dew.
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Title: Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Differentiation and Positioning

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1690 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need to see the number of the question first then the answer.
The text Book is Marketing Management a strategic decesion making approach (Mullins,Walker,Boyd and Larreche)

Questions: Chapters 8 & 9.
1. Identify the basic target market selection strategies.

2. Distinguish between market segmentation, target marketing, and product positioning.

3. Why has market segmentation become the dominant approach to strategy in recent years?

4. What are the primary analytical tools useful for positioning decision-making?

5. Identify Michael Porter's three generic strategies. As a Marketing Manager, how can you use this information

6. What is meant by physical positioning? What are its strengths? Limitations?

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Title: The Eden Project

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5745 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Assignment Brief / Task:

The Eden Project is a major environment and educational project located in a disused quarry outside St Austell, UK consisting of 26,000m2 botanical gardens, contained in a series of ‘biome’ controlled environments in domes up to 60m high on the site of abandoned clay pits. The project was to be funded, in part, by Millennium Commission Lottery funding.

The £86m (around $172 million dollars) project attracted 7,000 visitors to its official opening, despite a protest by farmers who said it should not have taken place because of the foot-and-mouth crisis.

It is located in a former clay pit near St Austell and is dominated by two giant futuristic domes, called biomes, which have been built to recreate the Earth’s different climates.

‘Great Attraction’

Each biome houses thousands of different plant species. Calling itself “a gateway into the world of plants and people”, the Eden Project aims to show how sustainable development depends on plants.

The largest of the conservatories is the humid tropics biome, which is tall enough to house Nelson’s Column.

Snaking boardwalks lead visitors through 12,000 plants, taking them from the Oceanic Islands to Malaysia and from West Africa to South America.

Malcolm Bell, Head of South West Tourism, said the project had been a great tourism attraction.

‘Touched a note’

“It’s captured two million visitors by the end of 2002, which is a staggering success” he said.”

“In its first nine months, it generated £120m of secondary spend through restaurants and hotels and the like.”

“I think it has touched a note with people’s concerns about the environment and what we are doing to the planet’s ecology.”

“We would like to see it develop – the next stage is development of tourism in the region with the Eden Project spearheading it.”

Since that report the Eden project has moved toward to become England’s premier tourism attraction and has attracted much media interest. This has meant that it is able to attract favourable publicity to support an effective marketing campaign.

The Eden project relies on effective relationships for its success. Using the 6 market framework, it connects with a full range of stakeholders both internal and external. This, together with an effective marketing strategy, is a major contributors to its success.


A. (70% of the Work) You are required to undertake a full analysis of the effectiveness of marketing communications activity for the Eden Project based upon primary and secondary research. Your analysis should be incorporated into a report which covers:

1. A detailed account of the construction and development of the Eden project to date.
2. An environment audit
3. Full Stakeholder analysis
4. Strategy evaluation
5. Appraisal of the current Marketing Communication Plan (including an evaluation of all of the promotional mix elements)
6. Investigation into the effectiveness of relationship marketing exercises.
7. Control/monitoring mechanisms
8. Offline Marcomms activity
(Online / Offline Marketing Communication)

B. (30% of the Work) In addition you should design a Marketing Communication plan for the next 3 years for the Eden project based upon Chris Fill’s Marketing Communication Planning Framework.

(How to get people to return)


P.S. Please use these sub-headings in the paper: (But if you dont want to its alright...)

1) Introduction
2) leisure opportunities in cornwall
3) Statistics on leisure spend
4) Cornish holiday pattern
5) Development of Eden
6) Target Marketing
7) Marketing Mix
8) Chris Phill marketing framework
9) Relationship marketing which is People, Process, and Physical Evidence...

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