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Title: Symbols and Dreams

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Essay Instructions: Discussion #6: Symbols and Dreams Completed by July 18 20 points

What symbols do you encounter in your daily life?
Have you ever tried to interpret a dream using symbolism?
What is the most powerful dream symbol you ever dreamed?

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Title: Symbols of disapproval in Thomas hardy's Channel Firing and Robert Frost's Desert Places

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Symbols of disapproval in Thomas hardy's "Channel Firing" and Robert Frost's "Desert Places".

You may find both the poems at:

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Title: Symbol with the story

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Essay Instructions: Within this story (No One’s a Mystery) is at least one symbol that contains much of the story’s meaning. Figure out what that symbol(s) is and write one page about how it figures into the story.

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Title: Christian

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Essay Instructions: This paper is based on 11 Experiential exercises. The goal of the paper is to first summarize or determine a purpose of each theme//exercise and then tell how it or they develop throughout the 11 weeks. Describe 2 or 3 salient points that reflect the theme of each session. Finally, tell what growth process would you say is developing? Also know that prayer and being led by the Holy Spirit to select symbols, pains, emotions, and other areas to be discussed is a big part of the ongoing process. Also, these exercises can be done in groups or with individuals.All of it should be viewed from a Chrisitian Counseling perspective. The themes and exercises that go with them are as follow:
1. Symbol
Participants will bring a symbol that represents what they hope God will do in their lives during these sessions/exercises. They will share what they have brought, seeking to answer the following questions: What symbol did you choose and why?; How did you determine what you wanted God to do during this sessions?; What feelings are you having now as you share these thoughts?

2. Internal Experience (Art)
Participants will go to tables with the available art supplies, create something that represents their personal experience of trust. The creation is an symbol of an internal experience to be used later in processing. Participants will be asked about feelings they had doing the exercise, share there creation and emotions, false beliefs, truths that may have impacted their representation of trust.

3. Projected Self and True Self Realities
The students will draw a mask that represents their projected self and on another sheet a mask that represents their true self. Encourage them to create symbols that best represents who they want people to think they are, and who they truly are deep within their inner being. Each person will then share their mask, discuss differences they see in each. Discuss why they might hide their true self.

4. Leaving our sins at the Cross
Give students private time to pray and ask the Lord to reveal a sin or sins that they have embraced as a dysfunctional resonse to pain and deep need. They are then to find a rock or rocks that represent the sin or sins, and bring it back for discussion and then to give up the sin.

5. Finger Painted Feelings
Participants will recall an event in their life during the last week where they felt some emotion. They are to fingerpaint those feelings. There will be discussion on feelings.

6. Blindfolded
Pair the participants. One person is to be blindfolded while the other leads him or her on a five minute walk. They will then reverse roles. Discussion will focus on feelings they experienced while blindfolded and being led by another; what the partner did to help them through the exercise/; what the partner might have done to cause them to feel ancious or concerned; was it difficult; and finally how does this help you to understand your relationship to God, as He leads you daily.

7. Body Outline
Participants will be given a body length sheet of paper and lay it on the floor. Lying on the floor, their partner will draw the outline of their body after which the paper will be hung on the wall at eye level. Participants will then be instructed to take a marker and write the lies they speak into themselves. Once complete, they will take a few minutes and stand back and look at what they wrote. Next they will write lies others have spoken to them and finally they are encouraged to write truths of themself.

8. Sticks
Participants are to take to sticks, one to symbolize a lie thats been with them since childhood and the other a lie that still affects them today.Discussion will focus on what they experienced while trying to identify the lies; what the lies have cost them; and tell a story that illustrates the lie at work.
9. Safe Place
Participants will draw a picture of what they visualize as their safe place. Discussion will focus on what makes it a safe place and etc.

10. The Act of Forgiveness
Have participants to draw a shield. Participants will then use the shield (visualization)to protect them from lies and or offenders. Discussion will be on what it was like to stand behind this shield?

11. The Journey
Participants will discuss their 11 week journey .

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