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Title: Sushi Restaurant

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Essay Instructions: Sushi Restaurant


You will be opening an upscale to fine dining, full-service restaurant in the immediate future. The purpose of this assignment is to permit you to fully describe this operation, integrating and applying principles of foodservice management learned in this course.


Property layout and decor (font-of-the-house only)

Describe the layout and décor of your restaurant in sufficient detail for the reader to get a total impression of what the guest would see and experience from when he/she walks in the door, orders a drink at the bar, to when he/she sits at the dining table. T6his description should include:

• Basic layout of the room
• Layout of the bar and reception areas
• Types of furniture
• Type of china, flatware, and glassware including color of items, patterns, styles, etc.
• Any special types of service equipment needed, i.e., gueridons, buffet equipment, side stands, etc.
• Table layout and center piece settings
• Lighting
• Floor and wall coverings
• Uniforms for the front-of-the-house employees
• How you determined the layout and décor. Why do you think it is appropriate for your restaurant? How does it compliment the basic management and marketing philosophies of your establishment?

Discussion of concept and operations (four typed pages, minimum)

Suggested topics for discussion:

• What concept or theme have you adopted (and why)? How will the theme be communicated to customers (beyond menu offerings) and incorporated throughout the design of the operation?

• Who is your clientele? (Target market and customer demographic information: age, economic status, sex, occupation, couples/singles/families, business groups, etc.)

• Where will you be located? (Downtown, suburban, airport, independent property, office building/business park, shopping mall, etc.) Why was this location chosen for your operation?

• How many seats will your restaurant have (be sure to show them in your floor plan/layout) and how many times do you plan to turn these seats during the dinner hour?

• What is the basic décor of the restaurant? (Color scheme, type/style of furniture, tables, chairs, etc.? Linen, china, flatware, glassware? Table layouts and center settings? Floor and wall coverings? Style of lighting and music, if any?

• What type/style of service do you plan to offer?

• What is your marketing/advertising strategy? How will people know where you are and what to expect once they find you?

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Title: Globalization

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Essay Instructions: Review Essay of the book:
Issenberg, Sasha. (2007). The sushi economy: Globalization and the making of a modern delicacy. New York: Gotham Books.

Section 1: Summary.

- Who is the author?
- What is the book about?
- Where does it “fit” into the literature? (In other words, why was the book written? Is the author answering someone else's book? Is he/she part of a larger debate?)
- What are the main arguments?
(Don’t use too many quotes.)
- In the first section, you discuss who the author is, what the book is about and you summarize the author’s main arguments. Your material is well-focused and clearly explained. You present the author’s arguments fairly, whether you agree with the author or not.

Section 2: Critical analysis.

- What do you think (don’t criticize for its own sake)?
- The depth of analysis goes significantly beyond class discussions. You don’t have to criticize everything or criticize for the sake of criticizing. You can simply expand on one or a few points that you find especially interesting. Show me that you have thought about an issue and that you have built upon the argumentation found in the original book, the book reviews and other sources,
- Build upon the argumentation
Summarized earlier
Book reviews: At least 4 book reviews (clearly identified)
Other sources (you are expected to be familiar with all the relevant suggested readings).
Customer is requesting that (gibbs) completes this order.

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Title: Sushi in the United States

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Essay Instructions: I'd like a paper on proliferation of sushi in the United States. Where and how it appear, how it spread throughout the country, why are some so many sushi restaurants are actually being run by Chinese, sushi's position as a "higher class" food, etc.

From my syllabus:

"Papers should contain description and anthropological analysis of a single food/foodstuff in the United States within a particular cultural tradition. Excellent analysis will include a discussion of the original cultural context of the item in the culture from where it migrated and its context in the United States culture."

WIkipedia cannot be used as a source.

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Title: Sushi History

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Essay Instructions: OUTLINE must be done first.
*The due date is Midnight (EST), JULY 11TH, 2003.

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is in my estimates about $50.-60. too high. I did write to your addy to bring this up.
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The research paper will follow later.
No later than Midnight (EST), JULY 17th, 2003.


Everything must be in MLA format, main text not less than 6 full pages

Double spaced, 12 point font, one inch all sides/borders,

Works Cited page is separate page, alphabetical.

In text, use MLA''s parenthetical citation. Last name of author, (p.)page number(s)of the material you are citing from, or (par.)paragraph number if page not given, like from web sites.

No use of colloquialism/regionalisms. No slang, jargon, or cliches.
Must have no spelling, punctuation, or mechnical errors.

I have Microsoft Word for 6.0, but prefer all
files saved in Rich Text Format(.rtf) when E-mailed.

next day air to get the 10 bib cards/101 note cards w/source code,
outline requirements, and useful reasource info I want utilized in my order.
E-Mail anytime to discuss needs for this paper
or need to talk by phone, fax materials,etc.

Research topic is >Sushi- history

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