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Title: Parents involved in community schools vs seattle school district no 1

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Essay Instructions: The Supreme Court recently completed a term that might mark a turning point in its recent history. After years of effort, conservatives might have finally succeeded in controlling it, though not to the degree that some may have wished. A large number of its decisions this past term reflect the interests of the conservative movement. Your assignment will be to pick one of the cases they decided and outline the nature of the decision (or decisions if there are more than one). We will assign cases the second day of class.

CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT No. 05–908. Argued December 4, 2006—Decided June 28, 2007*

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Title: Exclusionary Rule by the Supreme Court

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Essay Instructions: Analyze and explain the use of the Exclusionary Rule by the Supreme Court of the United States. Define how the Exclusionary Rule has affected the use of evidence acquired from police search and seizure cases. Compare and contrast each of the following cases and the effects that the ruling decision by the Supreme Court has had on evidence obtained from police search and seizure. What constitutes a reasonable search? How is search and seizure governed by the Fourth Amendment? How do you feel that the police could have completed their searches in these cases more efficiently?

Prepare your case study on the following three cases:
• Weeks v. United States (1914) ??" Exclusionary rule applied to federal law enforcement agencies

• Rochin v. California (1952) ??" Exclusionary rule applied to all cases involving extreme police misconduct

• Mapp v. Ohio (1961) ??" Exclusionary rule applied to all law enforcement agencies (local, state, and federal)

The completed assignment must be a minimum of 5 pages in length, not including the title page and reference list. You must include at least 5 references. The entire case study assignment must be written following APA style guidelines. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.
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Title: Procurement and Contract Law

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Essay Instructions: 1. Proceed to the following website, and read the synopsis of the case Rockwell Intern. Corp. v. U.S. This case concerns the False Claims Act (FCA) discussed in the text. It specifically discusses the FCA’s qui tam provision in a case about false claims made about environmental safety.

All of the documents below can be found on the above webpage, but to make sure you are able to locate them, the links to the specific documents have been provided to you.

2. Proceed to this website (on the left side of the page you are on), and read the initial brief of the petitioner (Students need to copy and paste this link. Linking does not work, but copying and pasting does.):

3. Next, read the brief for the respondent (the United States):

4. Then, read the reply of the petitioner to the respondent’s brief:

This is the order in which the documents were filed.

5. Listen to both the oral argument and the opinion announcement on the left side of this page:

6. Read the decision of the United States Supreme Court in this case:

After reading these documents and listening to the argument and the opinion, please answer the following questions in the essay:

1. In your opinion, does Stone qualify as an “original source” for purposes of the FCA? Why or why not? Which side is most convincing: the majority of the court or the dissenters? If this case was heard by the current Supreme Court of the United States, do you think the outcome would be the same or different? Why? Use information in the briefs for the petitioner and the respondent to support your position along with the decision of the United States Supreme Court.

2. Did you enjoy listening to the oral arguments and the opinion announcement of the court? Why or why not? Did anything about the oral arguments surprise you, such as the questions raised by the justices or the dialogue back and forth? Did you feel either party was more persuasive with its oral argument?

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Title: Business law

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Essay Instructions: 1. Research and write a summary of the facts, legal issues involved and the decision in the United States Supreme Court case of New York Times v. Sullivan as it relates to the law of defamation; and

2. Research and prepare a list identifying by name a) the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States; and b) the Chief Judge and the Associate Judges of the New York Court of Appeals.

Since english is my second language please write it with easy words and sentences. Also please cite everything and add the website link to the bibliography section. Do not use books as a resource only websites please.

Keep it very simple and clear

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