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Title: Superstition

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Essay Instructions: Discussion #4: Superstition Completed by July 14 20 points

What is superstition?
What are you superstitious about?
What’s the difference between science, pseudoscience, philosophy and religion?
What’s the difference between proofing something and having faith in something?
What pseudoscience do you believe in?
What do you have faith in?
Can you prove these things are true?
What can you prove is "true"?
What pseudoscience do you believe in? (astrology, crystal healing, Bermuda triangle, miracle cures, tarot readings, fortune tellers, psychics, prayer, magic)
What superstitions does your family believe in?
Do you practice any superstitions? (salt over the shoulder, black cats, putting mirrors on doors, etc.)
Look at the spurious arguments and make sure you can use them and explain them.
How are you influenced by the media?
What influences you besides the media? Culture? Religion? Friends? Parents? etc.
Where did your opinions come from?
Have you ever changed your mind about anything?

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Title: Persuade people superstitionit is real

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Essay Instructions: I would like an essay persuading readers why superstitions are so so real to people. Maybe give some examples of why you believe in it. Just a good essay. Thank You. I guess I want it Persuasive.

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Essay Instructions: I need a (6) six-page essay on the American Literature course.
There are six successive exercises that need to be answered thoroughly.
Please follow the direction for exercises accurately.

Exercise 6.1B: Superstitions

Directions: In many places in these first chapters of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck describes a superstition he holds or practices (for example, pages 3, 15, and 17). For this exercise, create an original superstition and how to use it to counter bad luck or conjure good luck. You'll need to describe the activity and the desired outcome.

You may also want to put in some "extras," perhaps ways to enhance the effects or situations that might negate the effects. For example, "My friend's family believes that putting new shoes on the table brings bad luck. However, if the shoes are in a box the bad luck is not quite so bad because it's harder for the shoes to interact with the table.

"Also, new shoes can be placed on a counter or stool without any noticeable effect on luck either good or bad. If new shoes are mistakenly placed on the table, the bad luck can be reduced by removing the shoes and scuffing the bottom to fool the bad luck into thinking the shoes were old all along."

Your superstition should be at least one paragraph.

Exercise 6.2B: A Letter Home

Directions: Huck mentions that he wishes the Widow Douglas could know about his efforts to save the men on the wreck of the Walter Scott. Pretend that you are Huck and write a letter to the Widow, explaining the situation and what you did about it.

Try to copy the speech and spelling patterns Twain uses for Huck. Be sure to include at least one statement of your "philosophy" about this situation.

Your letter should be at least two paragraphs long.

Exercise 6.3B: Character Poem

Directions: Choose a main character, either Huck or Jim. Look back through the chapters you've read and write down quotations describing the character. These may be actual description or dialogue or observations by other characters.

Once you've compiled a list, select some of the quotations and put them together to create a poem about the character. Don't forget to include a title for your poem. It should be at least five lines long.

Exercise 6.4B: The Symbolism Of The Raft

Directions: Create a plan for a collage that shows how Huck and Jim feel about the sanctuary of the raft and the violence and shame of the shore. Your plan can call for any materials you like including fabric, paint, pictures you find or create, and snippets of original text or quotes.

Be sure to include details that will show the different emotions that tie to the raft and the shore.

Write your plan down as a list including lots of evocative descriptions of the materials and their placement.

Exercise 6.5B: Conflict of Conscience

Directions: Huck struggles to decide what he should do when his heart and his conscience pull him in different directions. He eventually decides to go with his heart. Write a short essay explaining why you agree or disagree that this was a good strategy for Huck to pursue.

Look back through the book and find specific examples that may have swayed Huck in one direction or the other to support your arguments.

Your essay should be at least two paragraphs long.

Exercise 6.6B: Another Last Chapter

Directions: The book ends with Huck saying he's going to "light out for the Territory ahead of the rest." But there's a part of me that wonders if he won't decide to go back home to the Widow's with his friends.

Write a short paragraph or two to make another "last" chapter for the novel with your idea of what happens next.
It should be at least one paragraph long.

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Title: Cultural Superstition

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Essay Instructions: Essay #3 : Cultural Superstition 40 points Due July 11

Part 1

Interview an older member of your family or a friend of the family that you suspect believes in at least one superstition
Ask them where they learned this superstition
Research the origin of the superstition. If you cannot find any information then start the process again. You must be able to research the origins of the superstition you choose.
Now analyze this superstition: Is it beneficial, detrimental or neither?
Do you believe this superstition? Why or why not?
1000 word minimum- include the word count

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