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I do not really practice any superstitions, but sometimes I do like to pick lucky numbers or act superstitious with my friends just for fun.

I think the media influences people in strange ways: we all see so many things in the media -- we think this is how people really are -- violent or sexy or vulgar or good or perfect or happy. But the media is a liar. Very rarely do we ever see a whole story or even a true story on television. Life is not like a 30 minute sitcom. Advertisements try to sell us products that will make us happy -- but they really will not. If the media influences me in any way, it just makes me angry. Why should I be hit over the head by the media everywhere I go, everywhere I look? Another ad, another song, another film -- always and everywhere.
I think friends and family influence me a lot. Religion influences me but probably not as much as it should. I sometimes prefer not to think about how I should act because I want to be like other people or behave in a way that I know is probably not good.

I do not always know where my opinions come from. Sometimes I look back and it seems they came from my parents. Other times it seems they came from school. Other times it seems they came from music or television. Other times from friends. Sometimes I form my own opinions when I think about the way things should be or the way I should be.

I have often changed my mind about things. In fact, I seem to change my mind a lot -- even though I do not always realize it. People tell me….....

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