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Title: Sport Sponsorship

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Essay Instructions: Sport and Exercise Science
M.S. Sport Administration

In accord with the requirements set by the Graduate School, the final accomplishment for students in the Sport Administration Master’s emphasis is the completion of a professional research project. The professional research project, requires students to complete a literature review-type paper on a specified topic.

I. The project allows faculty to evaluate the student’s knowledge of a particular topic, insight into research findings, written communication skills, and critical thinking capability by presenting a clear, well-reasoned research paper.

II. Paper Guidelines
a. Should have a clear introduction, well developed literature review, and application of the topic to student’s career path (short term and long term)
b. Paper and references must be in APA style (5th ed.)
i. You are not required to format the paper as a manuscript
ii. Refer to the APA Manual for formatting differences between a paper and a manuscript for clarification
c. An excellent paper should demonstrate a clear, well-reasoned and insightful overview of the topic, identifying relevant competing points of view when applicable.

III. Evaluation Standards
a. Authority (25%): students are expected to use current refereed academic and appropriate trade journals.
i. As a rule, references older than 10 years are inappropriate
ii. Exception = seminal works
iii. Personal interviews are not an acceptable use of authority for this research paper

b. Knowledge of Topic & Development of Ideas (50%):
i. Paper should include the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Review and development of the literature (Body of the paper)
3. Application of concepts to sport administration career path
4. Conclusions or summary

ii. Excellence in analysis and synthesis, along with mastery of the content is expected

c. Application to Career Path (15%): development of how previous research and literature will inform what you do in your chosen career. This is the classic “theory to practice” section of the paper.

d. Format (10%): correct grammar, spelling and writing syntax will be considered in your evaluation. APA style must be followed.

Paper topic: Sport Sponsorship (packages vs. tailored).
Sport Sponsorship is an area of our field where the application of content and current knowledge is critical.  Traditional sponsorship strategies packaged benefits into groups (i.e. gold, silver and bronze packages).  However, many sponsors are mandating more flexible (tailored) sponsorship proposals.  In your paper, please review and discuss the pertinent merits and shortcomings of each method (packages vs. tailored). Also discuss the implications of each method through using a hypothetical situation with a specific and existing product or service sponsorship example.  In following the required components of the paper also be sure to discuss how knowing and understanding these methods will impact your future and your career path.

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Title: sports management

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Essay Instructions: Here are a list of questions, I need 2 pages per question for the answers. There is no need to cite or reference just answer all of the questions correctly. The questions are below:


1) Having completed your graduate degree in Sports Management you take a position as the person-in-charge of an advance team that will be responsible for bringing a minor league (AA) baseball team to Midville, Indiana. You have a year before the team shows up and actually starts playing games. The population of Midville is 150,000 and is considered a blue-collar town. Describe in detail all the items that you must prepare, to include facilities, marketing, ticket sales, personnel, etc. It is more important to describe every area to be considered rather than going into too much detail on any one area.

2) Compare and contrast the organizational structure of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) to any professional sports leagues (you pick - MLB, WNBA, NFL, NASCAR, etc.). In your discussion, describe processes related to organizational decision-making and financial management. Finally, select which organization is most efficient (support your response).

3) As a recent graduate with a degree in Sports Management you look through the personnel ads. You find an advertisement for a City Sports Coordinator (new position). The ad only requires an advanced degree and enthusiasm. When you call for details you find out that the city would like to enhance the number and quality of activities and sports in their city. You get scheduled for an interview and are told to bring along at least five ideas to enhance and promote sports (anything from youth soccer tournaments to professional athletics). Therefore, provide five activities or programs you believe would best fit this city and get you the job (be sure to explain each activity in enough detail to "sell it"). The city has a population of about 1,000,000 people, with blue-collar industry and a large military presence as its major sources revenue. The city is also in-line for a new high-tech training facility.

4) Expand on the discussion question "should the general population pay debt service for bonds issued to pay for a stadium or arena that would be used primarily by a privately owned professional team". List at least three supporting arguments for both pro and con. Then select and explain which view you support and why.

5) Explain the phrase, Deviance in Sports. Elaborate by identifying and discussing the three main approaches in studying Deviance in Sports.

6) Describe three (or any combination of three) basic principles, theories or practices of sports marketing or sports promotion. Then describe a successful example in today's sports industry of one of these principles or practices and explain why it was successful.

7) Describe in detail the economic and social impact of a small NCAA Div I college adding a men's football program to its athletic department. The athletic department is currently economically viable and currently meets all gender equity requirements. Be sure to describe the impacts (positive and negative) to the college (students, faculty, alumni, etc.) and the local and regional community, as well as any legal implications there could be on such a move.

8) You have just taken a position as an assistant athletic director for an NCAA Div II school. You were hired to do various duties, however, your first priority is to set-up summer youth sports camps for the athletic department. The department has never done this before, but the college president believes youth summer camps can be both a positive recruiting tool for the college and a money-maker for the athletic department. You have to prepare a briefing for the college president on a plan-of-action. Be sure to include a marketing plan, projected income and expenses, transportation, the options of day-campers and over-night campers, legal issues (liability, etc.) and anything else that should be included in the plan. This should be a positive approach, but negative aspects need to be addressed.

9) In Sports Law you learned the basic information regarding the area of sports law, from a managerial perspective. In doing so, you were required to read and brief several cases. Explain why it is imperative, for even non-lawyers in the field of sport management to be able to understand legal cases and have the ability to read and interpret them. Also, define case briefing and describe, in full detail, each element of the written case brief. Finally, recall the most interesting case you studied. Fully brief that case in the format aforementioned so that the result is a written summary of your case that would be useful for any person in sports management.

There should be a total of 18 pages for this assignment..Thanks

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: EDSS 682 Sport Finance

I want to provide a few general comments about answering the questions. Craft your essay answers in light of what you have read, discussed, heard in lectures, seen on the slides, written in the critiques, and generally picked up along the way in this class. Avoid unsubstantiated opinions, use citations as appropriate (make sure they are accurate) and in support of your position(s). Use regular APA style for in-text citations and include a reference list. These questions provide an opportunity to integrate the information you have received, or will receive.

The minimum length of answers for the Essay Questions is 1000 - 1250 words; however, you will not be penalized for exceeding the suggested amount. The questions are to be concisely typed (double-spaced), using proper APA style throughout. Avoid list and bullet-point answers.

Here is the essay question:
Question 1

Using all of your knowledge about sport finance, take a position on whether or not a community should institute a tax, or a levy on the general public to pay for bonds for a sport facility that would house a major league professional sport team. As you flesh out your answer discuss various ways such a facility could be funded both privately, and with public funds. Make sure that you touch on the advantages and disadvantages of both private and public funding of such venues.

As always, you answer should be based on issues and discussion from our class, as well as outside resources. Utilize peer reviewed articles from journals to back up your response.

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Title: sociology

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Essay Instructions: You can look at sports from several theoretical perspectives including conflict, functionalist, interactionist, and feminist. Which of these is most useful in looking at the sociology of sports? Why?
Find at least 2 outside sources on the sociology of sports, and present a brief discussion of this field of study. Summarize what you found in your research, using APA citations.

?Why do so many people participate in sports, either as fans, players, or as a business?
?What do sports answer in terms of human needs?
?How can sports be explained from a sociological point of view?

Excerpt From Essay:

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