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Title: Spirituality conccept paper

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Essay Instructions: Spirituality - concept paper
1)Define concept, critical attributes and supporting references (10 points)
2)Provude an example of model case, contrary, borderline and related case (15 points)
3)Discuss the statements that clarify concept . lookw at your list of critical attributes. what sort of meaning does it have in your practice(10)
4) Identify the uses of conecpt (15)
5)Identify two theories that utilize the concept (one must be middle range with nursing and one outside of nursing.
6)Develop implications for how the concept should be utilized in nursing practice
7) apply the concept to atleast one clinical setting (develop a breif case scenario)
8) Conclusion
9) references

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Essay Instructions: spirituality paper
definition/description of religion/spirituality
required ares that must to be included
define the concepts of religion and spirituality supporting these definitions with citation from professional literature that you have read.
describe difference between religion and sprituality.
discuss your personal definition of spirituality.
personal application of spiritual care
required areas that must be included
describe the role of spirituality in providing holistic nursing care.
describe personal comfort level with assessing for and providing spiritual care.
discuss ways to provide spiritual care to patients who are not of the judeo-christian perspective.
describe a personal clinical experience of providing spiritual care .
4 reference.
written in first person

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Title: Spirituality is essential

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Essay Instructions: Spirituality is essential to many of our lives. At the same time, feminists have accurately analyzed the ways in which organized religion has held women down. Although the 4th Amendment of the Constitution stipulates a separation of Church and State, there is much overlap, with both good and bad effects.

As you read the chapter, consider both the good and bad effects of religion and/or spirituality in your own life. Is your spirituality feminist?

Listen to Susan Boyle singing via the Link below; is there a spiritual quality in her performance? If so, what do you think about the ridicule she endures before she sings?
PART ONE: Using the chapter, identify problems that organized religion has presented to women who want both spiritual fulfillment and to be feminists.

PART TWO: There are both positive and negative effects of organized religion. In your own life, which effects have dominated?

PART THREE: Listen to Susan Boyle singing via the Link; is there a spiritual quality in her performance? If so, what do you think about the ridicule she endures before she sings?

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Title: Spiritual Care

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Essay Instructions: Spirituality in its broadest sense centers on our awareness and experience of relationality. It is the relational component of lived experience. This component includes 4 distinct, though interconnected dimensions- relations which already exist with:
1. Self
2. Others
3. God/Creator/Higher Power
4. World
(Sandra Schneider quated by Katherine Zappone in The Hope for Wholeness, 1991)

Based on your reading of the article by Andrea Mitchell (2011), Focusing on mind, body, and spirit while caring for patients and thier families, Critical Care Nurse (31), 69-70, please respond to the following questions:

1. How did the transport nurse manage the patient's physical needs?
2. How did the transport nurse manage the spiritual needs?
3. List the different departments involved with achieving this project.
4. How was the nurse able to incorporate each of the relations mentioned above into meetig the spiritual needs of the patient?
5. Write a summary describing your feelings regarding the nurse's actions and the comment referencing how engaging in life reviews"...allow you to grow professionally and personally".
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