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Nursing and Spirituality

How did the transport nurse manage the patient's physical needs?

When the patient was moved to a stretcher he was placed on a travel ventilator and the transport and bedside nurse had to suction his secretions. But he did not appear to tolerate the other ventilator well so the transport nurse instead used the manual resuscitation bag for transport. Since the manual ventilation continued to go well it was used in place of the travel ventilator for the duration of the transport.

How did the transport nurse manage the spiritual needs?

The patient was placed close to his wife's casket so that he could easily see her. The nurse allowed the family time and space for themselves but stepped forward to offer guidance when needed, such as the offering of a prayer. Later a life review was begun that gave the entire family an opportunity to begin the grieving process. The stretcher was turned so that the family could have a picture of the patient and his wife together and finally the nurse asked if the patient's daughter-in-law would press her fingers to his lips and then to his deceased wife's lips so that they could share a final kiss. This seemed to provide the patient with much peace.
3. List the different departments involved with achieving this project.

This project involved the nursing unit from the trauma/burn unit at the medical center as well as the pastoral care department. Of course the transport department from the hospital also played a critical role. All were vital in achieving the goal of the project.

4. How was the nurse able to incorporate each of the relations mentioned above into meeting the spiritual needs of the patient?


Through meeting with the family and gaining insight into her patient's life, the nurse was able to become one of them, laughing and crying with them. This experience helped the nurse to grow both personally and professionally, by helping the family to heal emotionally after such a devastating crisis.


The nurse was very aware of Mr. L's….....

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