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Title: Oedipus The King

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Essay Instructions: With the story, "Oedipus the King," discuss the author's life and work and illuminate your readers understanding of the work. In developing the essay, please cite three different critical sources. Essay is in 3 parts:

1. A biographical sketch (100-150 words) in which you mention the significant events of the author's life, those events which influenced the author's artistic development.

2. A brief description of the author's work (100-150 words) in which you focus on all or some of the following questions: What are the author's major concerns and themes? In what manner did his or her work evolve? What are the unique characteristics of his or her style and language? Please Use a source here.

3. An explication or interpretative discussion of Oedipus the King or a particular passage in Oedipus the King by Sophocles (1100-1150) in which you discuss the opinions of at least two different critics.

The essays must contain citations of at least three different critical sources, one of which should be a scholarly/criticism periodical. You can consult books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and websites, but if you do use a website, here's a good one to use for this paper:

Password for that site is: silo, after you enter it, on the next screen on the left, it'll say books reading and literature, when you click it, please press literature and literary criticism. after that please make sure that you unclick full text search and click peer reviews. Then you can type Oedipus the King for listings.

In making citations, please follow MLA form, using parenthetical references within the text of the essay.

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Title: Sophocles

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Essay Instructions: I need a five page essay in MLA style. I need the paper to be on a poet that I can relate to and his last name is Sophocles. He wrote the poem "Oedipus The King, Antigone". I am a very religious person and so is he. We both beleive in the same beleifs as the greeks did. So I want the paper to reflect this. Tell why I like this poet and why I can relate to him. Also compare this poem to another poet and his poem. His last name is Milton and the poem that I want you to compare the previous poem to is "Satan's Speech" by poet Milton. Compare the two poets and the two poems and tell how they are different. My paper should be structured like an argument, in support of which me, as it's advocate, should adduce SPECIFIC PASSAGES from the relevant text(s) as evidence (just enough "exhibits" to sway the jury, but not so many that you are using quotations merely as padding).

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Title: Sophocies and Aeschyius

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Essay Instructions: What was the relevance of Sophocles and/or Aeschylus to modern times -- what did they have to teach us? Please refer, if at all, only to:
Aristophanes, Lysistrata.
Sophocles, Oedipus Rex
Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone
Aeschylus, Agamemnon
Plato, Euthyphro
But focus for the vast majorty on Sophocles and/or Aeschylus. (I'll let you choose if it's best to write about both or just one of them). Please note that this is for an honors class and this essay is very important to me. However, please try to be as clear as possible. I want an A but I don't want to be suspected of anything fishy. :o)

Please make sure to have a clear and consice thesis and conclusion.

If possible, I'd like for WritterGurl (sp?) to do my essay, she did an amazing job last time.

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Title: Sophocles

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Essay Instructions: Request User ID: Cathii

I need the following questions answered in a one paragraph form, with at LEAST Five sentences. Including a thesis statement derived from the question, at LEAST THREE supporting sentences [with at LEAST ONE quote] to support the answer, followed by a conclusion statement re-capping.
You don't have to write the answers in double space lines if you don't want.

Sophocles' "Antigone"

1. What motivates Antigone to diobey Creon's edict?
2. How is Ismene a foil to Antigone?
3. Evaluate Creon's first speech (lines 193-249). Does this speech by a new king sound admirable?
4. Evaluate Creon's approach to Antigone. Is he being too harsh? WHy? WHat motivates his actions?
5. What is Haimon's character like before his break with his father? Why did his father regard him so highly? What purpose does this character play in this drama to bring us to a clearer understanding of Creon? Of Antigone? Of the theme?
6. Why do you think Creon, contrary to the advice of the chorus (lines 1220-30), buries Polyneices first and then free Antigone?
7. Why is Eurydice's character necessary toward the end of the play?
8. Why is it appropriate that the seer, Tiresias, is blind?
9. Who is the trafic figure in this play, Antigone or Creon? Justify your answer?

Sophocles' "Oedipus the King"

1. WHat does Oedipus' opening speech tell us about his attitude toward the people of Thebes? What steps has Oedipus taken to correct the problems in Thebes? What promise does Oedipus make?
2. How does Oedipus' response to Tiresias (lines 360-505)show a different side of the king?
3. In the midst of the exchange, how does the Leader of the CHorus act?
4. State the reasons why Opedipus does not recognize the truth?
5. Why does Joscasta reject prophecies?
6. At what point in the action of the play does Oedipus begin to suspect the truth?
7. At what point does Jocasta know who Oedipus really is?
8. Why is Oedipus' blinding himelf symbolic?
9. Now that you have read both plays, compare and contrast Creon's character in "Antigone" and "Oedipus Rex". Does he change from play to play?
10. All of the violence in "Oedipus Rex" and "Anitgone" occurs offstage and is reported rather than shown. What are the advantages and disadvantages in dealing with violence this way?

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