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Instructions for Solution Focused Therapy College Essay Examples

Title: Social Work Practice Family Treatment

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2242 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 10 page paper, APA style with 6 references: comparing/contrasting a family using at least 3 different theoretical models of family/systems therapy
(i.e.: Bowenian Family Therapy, Lifecycle Therapy, Structural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy).

Use no more than 2-3 pages to introduce family, social
location and presenting problem.

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Title: Marriage Enrichment Program

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1343 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 1. Write a paper describing the Marriage Enrichment Program (include abstract) (DO NOT INCLUDE A REFERENCE PAGE)

(Two resources given are books - The Marriage Clinic and Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy) 3rd resource- internet

# 2 -6 (Introductory paragraph)

2. It is a 5 day workshop. The theme is " Empowerment" which is an attitude of openness of the accompanied action of asking that leads to empowerment.
3. Where? Cabins in Elk River, MN -near Canada (in forest near lake)
4. Audience- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals who are married (they communicate through American Sign Language. Some of the guest speakers/ therapists are fluent in sign language, sign language interpreters provided)
5. Age range 30 to 65.
6.. How was it marketed? Through word of mouth, e-mail, and face book
7. In depth explanation of workshop with use of resources.... (body of paper)

Day 1- Topic is Love and Romance- Married life involves a continuous cycle of ups and downs referred to as romance, disillusionment and true joy. Questions couples are asked 1. When have we experienced romance in our relationship? (couples are to discuss together) 2. When have we experienced disillusionment in our relationshop? 3. Have we made the conscious decision to love each other. 4. What ways are we alike or different?

Day 2- Topic is Openness in Communication- "Openness is communication or a process of talking and listening that involves elimination of risks. 1. What behaviors, thoughts, and values to do you reveal to your partner? 2. In what ways do we listen openly ? 3. How do we argue? 4. How do we deal with conflicts in our relationship?

Therapist/Speaker uses the Animal Model to describe conflicts-to help couple examine their approach. Some deaf individuals are visual learners.

Dove- I want peace at any price

Hawk- its your fault

Owl- Lets be reasonable

Ostrich- What is conflict?

Puppy Dog- I will make you happy

Rabbit- I gotta run

Skunk- Dont you criticize me for what you did to me.

pages 126-128 (John Gottman out of the book Marriage Clinic talks about the nature of conflict and signs of resistance)
page 286- Gottman explains the "4 models of arguement."

Day 3- Topic "Evaluate your willingness to accept help from your partner" This relates to how couples make decisions within their marriage - how to spend the holidays, time with each other, time with friends, practicing faith, relationship with families, careers, financial concerns, children, hobbies, household responsibilities. (who does what what marriage- Gottman Marriage Form) page. 298- 299

Write about cognitive behavioral therapy (page 50 and 51 out of book Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy) and Gottman's approaches here. (Chapter 13 out of Marriage Clinic)
(working as a team the Paper Tower) activity for couples.

Day 4- Topic- Couple will work on appreciating small positive changes in life to bring about change which can lead to forgiveness- Write about the approach Solution Focused Therapy here. (Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy- pages 260-265)

Day 5- Topic the power " to show love through hand touch, affection, sex (love making), rituals, activities, faith, or prayer. page 304 (The Marriage Clinic) (Gottman also talks about the Love Map Board Game page 330 (internet?) page 49 out of the Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy talks about the Love Days)

Final Paragraph- Reflection of what you learned from writing this paper.

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