" (Szapocznik, nd) the therapeutic process is stated by Szapocznik to use techniques of:

1) Joining - forming a therapeutic alliance with all family members;

2) Diagnosis - identifying interactional patterns that allow or encourage problematic youth behavior; and 3) Restructuring - the process of changing the family interactions that are directly related to problem behaviors. (Szapocznik, nd)

The Spanish Family Guidance Center in the Center for Family Studies at the University of Miami developed Brief Strategic Family Therapy and it has been used since 1975. Brief Strategic Family Therapy involves "creating a counselor-family work team that develops a therapeutic alliance with each family member and with the family as a whole; diagnosing family strengths and problematic interactions; developing change strategies to capitalize on strengths and correct problematic family interactions; and implementing change strategies and reinforcing family behaviors that sustain new levels of family competence." (Szapocznik, nd) Strategies are inclusive...
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