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Title: Software Quality Assurance

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Essay Instructions: Software Quality Assurance
need for SQA
FunctionSQA Plan

Please touch on areas that you hadn't had exposure to, areas that you gained a deeper understanding and areas that you just enjoyed studying about.

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Title: Software Evaluation

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Essay Instructions: Software evaluation project. Have to select 10 educational softwares and evaluate on how good they are. the software should be for high school, middle school, etc. try to keep them in the same level.

the project is based on:

1. look for various websites that explain critera for evaluation of software. you have to at least pick 3. some examples of them are

Age approx
does it have Tech support
Time requirement to use program
Stability (error free)
Suitable for purpose ( can be tailored)
provide Easy installation
Learning aids provided
Available in multiple langueges
Types of assement it offers
Design of it
Record keeping ability

2. state why you chose the criteria

3. Make a graph (chart, table, list, etc) and evaluate 10 pieces of software based on the chosen criteria

4. Write a brief summary of each piece of software
5. How did you feel about doing this project? What were the challenges? Will you be albe to use what you found?

so basically The first page should describe your criteria and why you chose to use those criteria. The second page will be the actual table with the evaluation. The third should be the summary of each piece of softare. and The last page will be with any specific added comments that you would like to make about the software (what you would use it for, what you liked/disliked about it, etc.)and what you learned from doing this project

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Title: identifying Data Analysis Software Packages for a Mixed Method Study

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Essay Instructions: Software Tools for Qualitative Research
In RSCH 8300, you used NVivo software to assist with organizing and coding data you collected. However, you may be wondering if that is the only software package available to qualitative researchers and whether you even need to use a software package for your Dissertation.
Consider the Discussion topic for this week on organizing and tracking data as well as the Dissertation Rubric criteria on these topics.

To prepare for this Assignment:
? Review this week's required readings about computer programs available for qualitative research.
? Investigate software packages other than NVivo that are available to qualitative researchers.

? Select at least two software packages and compare them to NVivo.

? Do you believe you will need to use a software package for your dissertation? If so, would any of the three software tools you investigated for this assignment be appropriate? Why?

The assignment:

? Craft a 3- to 4-page paper in which you do the following:

o Compare and contrast software tools for managing and analyzing qualitative data.

o Conclude by stating whether you believe you will need to use a software package for your dissertation and, if so, whether any of the three software tools analyzed in this assignment would be appropriate.


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Title: Software Development Life Cycle SDLC

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Essay Instructions: four questions for software Development Life cycle, each answer should be three pages with refrence.

Question 1. Explain Requirement process ( in SDLC) in detail. Why is this exercise important?

Question 2. Requirement Analysts ( SDLC) need to have good people skills. Explain.

Question 3. As part of design process in SDLC , what quality attributes should be focused on? Describe each in detail.

Question 4. Explain the Design principles for System Development Life Cycle.

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