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Title: Sociology Book Review on Amusing Ourselves To Death

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Essay Instructions: Sociology Book Review Instructions

REQUIRED BOOK: Neil Postman. 1985. "Amusing Ourselves to Death":Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business. New York: Penguin Books

Book review should contain the following four basic elements:

Enticement: The first sentence should entice people to read your review. Start your review with a sentence that both sums up the objective of the book, and catches the reader’s eye. Be sure, however, that your opening statement is an accurate portrayal of the book as well as an enticement to the reader.

Examination: Encourage the reader to join you in examining the book. Tell the reader what the book is about (not what you think is probably there or what ought to be there). Describe the book in clear, objective terms. Include enough about the content to identify for the reader the major points that the author is trying to make.

Elucidation: Elucidate, or clarify, the book’s value and contribution to sociology by defining what the author is attempting to do. This portion often provides additional information about the author. Include information about the author that helps the reader understand how this book fits within the broader concerns of social science.

Evaluation: To effectively evaluate a book, you should establish evaluation criteria and then compare specific examples (i.e. direct quotes) from the book’s content to those criteria. Define criteria specifically. It should be evident to the reader. The specific criteria can vary according to your interest. For this assignment, you are required to include at least two of the following among the criteria that you establish for your book review:
1. How important is the subject matter to the study of culture and society? Why?
2. How complete and thorough is the author’s coverage of his subject?
3. How carefully is the author’s analysis constructed?
4. What are the strengths and limitations of the author’s methodology?
5. What is the quality of the writing in the book? Is the writing clear, precise, and interesting?
6. How does this book compare with other books written on the same subject?
7. What contribution does this book make to sociology?
8. Who will enjoy or benefit from this book?

Please be specific when giving your evaluation.

YOU MUST ADEQUATELY ADDRESS ALL FOUR OF THE ABOVE REVIEW ELEMENTS. This include an assessment of how well students incorporate specific relevant examples (direct quotations) taken from the book as a means of illustrating required information specified in each of the four elements.
6-7 PGS.

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Essay Instructions: Sociology Essay - Assess the Functionalist view of the role of education in Britain.


Introduction - write a brief paragraph to explain how you will answer the question. You should explain that you will be discussing Functionalist views of the role of education by describing and evaluating the views of Durkheim and Parsons. You will then, as an alternative to the Functionalist perpective, discuss Marxist and Liberalist views of the role of education.

Paragraph One - Describe ans evaluate Durkeim (education upholds norms and values, social solidarity etc).
Paragraph Two - Describe and evaluate Parsons (the education system serves as a bridge, allocates roles and is meritocratic etc).
Paragraph Three - Describe and evaluate Bowles & Gintis (schools are not meritocratic, capalist values and solidarity prevent the working classes from asserting their rights).
Paragraph Four - Describe and evaluate Willis (schools fail to promote the working classes).
Paragraph Five - Describe and evaluate Liberalism (Illich - education should be modified).

Conclusion - A brief summary of how the information you have provided answers the question and any original concluding remarks.

This essay is about the Functionalist view of the role of education. Paragraph 1 & 2 are fuctionalists views; paragraphs 3, 4 & 5 are not, therefore compare/contrast Functionalists views in these latter paragraphs please. (3,4&5)

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Title: Film Critique

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Essay Instructions: Sociology
Course Outcomes

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the Structural Functional, Conflict and Symbolic Interactionist paradigms.

2. Understand issues of diversity across race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability status, and geographic location as they relate to the development of social inequality and privilege within American society.

3. Demonstrate an increased understanding of the power of the media in shaping public attitudes regarding race, gender, class, religion, disability status, age, and international status.

4. Demonstrate an ability to proficiently critique films and existing literature not only for overt messages, but subtle cues that influence an individual’s thinking about social patterns and societal structures.

5. Critically analyze existing ideological viewpoints (Manifest Destiny, Social Darwinism, and the Bell Curve etc.) as major contributors to the development of stratification on the national and global scale.

Film Analysis/critique:

Learner will view the DVD series “The New Heroes” and write a critique paper, which should include some critical analysis and discussion of the sociological issues presented as per the above listed course outcomes. (5 pages)

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Title: Work - Skills and deskilling.

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Essay Instructions: Sociology subject name: Work & Technology,

Details of task:

Present a short answer on 'skills and deskilling' (i.e. Harry Braverman, Labour Process, Marxism kind of stuff).

The response should consist of a short answer organised into well referenced

Criteria for Marking:

The assessment will be based on:
· your summary of relevant sociological debates surrounding the respective
· presentation of a sociologically informed evaluation of conclusions found in
the texts about the selected theme,
· your ability to critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the
arguments found in the readings concerning the respective theme.

I will upload a copy of the relevant chapter from the subjects text book Grint, K. (2005) The Sociology of Work. and also a copy of the chapter "Scientific Management" from Harry Braverman's book Labour and Monopoly Capital (1998) to use if you find appropriate
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