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Title: compare americas violent nature of murder to jamaicas violent nature of murder

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Essay Instructions: sociological perspective paper 5-7 pages typed normal size font and one inch margin and have at least 5 separate sources. I need at least 1 internet source and at least 1 reputaple journal or book. It should include standardized title page a work citation page and intext citations it should be double spaced. It should help you develope a perspective on americas violent nature of murder compared to jamaicas violent nature of murder.

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Essay Instructions: This assignment require that
1. review the Film ?Babel?
2. You should view the film critically.
3. Your analysis should focus on the sociological issues presented

You must answer the following question in the essay

1. What is the movie theme,
2. Which sociological perspective (functionalism, conflict, and interaction) is the story been told, give examples?
3. Describe favorite scene and why it does appeal to you?
4. What issues are presented and how they related to a topic in sociology?
5. What are your responsibility and our community/ society responsibility regarding resolution?
6. Does this film have an impact on our live and why or why not?
7. Construct a list of 3 questions the film inspires. The questions must be related to social in broad context

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Title: Socioloical Perspective

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Essay Instructions: Watch a situation comedy, drama, or reality television show "though a sociologist's eyes." While watching the show, imagine how one or more of the major theorists would explain the show's situation or story. Write a 600 to 950-word paper including a brief synopsis of the show and an explanation of the events based on a sociological perspective (social conflict, structural-functional, or symbolic interactionism). You may choose to focus on a specific scene or character from the show instead of the entire program. Be sure to state from which perspective you are viewing, and give specific examples from the show that relate to the basic tenets of your selected perspective.

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Title: sociological perspective

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Essay Instructions: use sociological perspective in examining opinions on topic.

use article from a sociological journal related to the opinion of topic strengths/weaknesses

must objectively present your assessments of the opinion using the article

introductory paragraph about what you are going to talk about
folling paragraphs to indicate the strengths of your argument v. weakness and concluding paragraph summing up what was said in your point if view.

please use article from

Topic: In the U.S.A there are no countercultures since we all share one culture. So, we all only follow the norms, values, and beliefs of our culture, not any which belong to a counterculture.

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