Sociological Perspectives in Babel

Babel, a hyperlink cinema masterpiece, is a 2006 film by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and tells the story of four families through four different perspectives. Though these families appear to be unrelated through business or other social arrangement, it is a single object, a .270 Winchester M70 rifle, which unites their stories. Through this object, and the families presented, an analytical approach may be taken to explore the different sociological perspectives presented in the film.

The story is presented in a series of related events that take place in various parts of the world including Mexico, Morocco, and Japan. As it is revealed at the end of the film, it is the rifle given to a Moroccan hunting guide that links the four families through a series of tragic events. While on a hunting trip, Yasujiro Wataya of Japan gave the rifle to his guide,...
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