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Title: Social Skills

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Essay Instructions: Social skills programs have been studied by different researchers to determine their success in managing classroom behavior in students with behavior disorders.

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Essay Instructions: I am a sophomore in college and I need a paper for my sociology class. The topic of this paper is the effects of the media on children. I want this paper to discuss how it may effect their social skills, and as well as how violence in the media can effect children too. The paper is allowed to include personal opinions as well.

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Title: social skills in alternative education

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Essay Instructions: I am in need of a research proposal pertaining to the attitudes and social skills of children who have been placed in alternative education. The treatment provided to these children would be along the lines of educating them on tolerance for those with special needs and behavior disabilities. The children in the study are children who have pressing behavior issues that prevent them from attending a regular classroom. The research proposal needs to be more full in terms of the introduction and literature review (approximately 10 pages) as this is only a proposal on research that will not be specifically carried out at this time. The methodology section need not be as detailed and the conclusion section should focus on the variables that may effect the sample. The stated sample should be relatively small (possibly 30 - 40 students) who may be exposed to home environments that may be detrimental to their development. Citations need to be parenthetical within the text and will be throughly sited on a reference page at the end of the proposal

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Title: CM3

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Essay Instructions: Below are the instructions for the paper. I will e-mail what I have so far. Included I need:
1. Some of the examples relate more to how the teacher will interact with students. For this part of the paper, the examples should describe how the students will demonstrate each of the social skills. For example, if the skill is to avoid conflict, the paper could provide the example of a student who walks away from a peer who is being aggressive rather than fighting back. These should be how students will demonstrate the skills presented.

School-appropriate social skills are needed in classrooms to ensure effective learning. Write an essay that:

A. Lists 10 school-appropriate social skills
B. Describes each of the 10 social skills accurately
C. Describes the manner in which each of the 10 skills manifests itself in an 8th grade math classroom.

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