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Title: Social Networking Does Not Require Social Media

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2606 References: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Hi writer

I would like you to write an essay and my essay question is "Social networking does not require social media, however social networking is increasingly utilising social media. Discuss how one?s social networks in real life may or may not connect with their social networks online".

This essay needs strongly and clearly argument , discssion and example!!

Thank you in advance

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Essay Instructions: Is Social Networking a safe environment for children?
Need introduction

Need rebuttal to social networking helping children with self esteem issues.

Need rebuttal to social networking helping children with disabilities.

Need rebuttal to social networking helping children with education

Recommendation is social networking is not a safe environment for children.

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Title: Privacy issues raised by social networking

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3284 Bibliography: 18 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Research Topic:
Write an essay examining the privacy issues raised by social networking

-Research essay
-3,000 words
-Abstract (COMPULSORY) - Max 200 Words
-The final essay should include an abstract and a comprehensive list of references using the HARVARD SYSTEM. (COMPULSORY) .

Remember that you should use the HARVARD SYSTEM of citations??"for both in-text and bibliographical references??" and that you should reference figures, tables and images you have borrowed from other sources.

In this essay you should demonstrate an ability to construct a long piece of scientific writing by using the skills which you have learned during the term. In particular, the examiner will be looking at the structure of your essay, the way in which you have constructed your argument, your use of evidence from secondary sources, your ability to cite references adequately??"including your grasp of quoting, critiquing and summarising??"and some evidence of personal engagement with the question.

Use your writing skills
. Construct a Persuasive Argument
. Write an effective abstract which reflects the contents of your essay faithfully
. Construct an honest, accurate and comprehensive bibliography

Important considerations
. Choosing and using secondary sources
. You MUST show evidence of wide research by providing references from relevant textbooks, computing journals and other relevant sources
. You should NOT rely solely on internet sources (you will lose marks for doing so)

Final essay: Important considerations
. Critique material presented in the lecture
. Critique secondary sources
. Summarise important ideas when necessary, then analyse their critical significance
. Quote only crucial statements

Can you ensure the language, grammar and sentence structure used throughout the essay is to the highest standard 70%+ (First Class)? I would like ENGLISH Writers please. (Pheelyks or FreelanceWriter)

Can you make sure you use ACADEMIC REFERENCES from Scholar Articles, Journals, Books etc. I can NOT use the references from any news type websites, ONLY credible websites and academic references.

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Essay Instructions: PLEASE USE BOLAVENS

Today, the vice president of your company, Mr. Myers, reveals that you will be assigned to a group to assist the company with its quest to implement a social networking Web site. He explains to you that the group should research the different types of strategic analysis and explain how the strategic analysis will help the company get the Web running.

?Vertical integration strategy

Submit a report explaining how Vertical Integration strategy can help your company in its implementation of the social networking Web site.

Please Address the following:
Define Vertical Integration Strategy
?Discuss how Vertical integration strategy
can be employed to create and sustain a competitive advantage.
?Discuss Vertical integration strategy
pricing, features, and the clientele base for the social networking application.
?Discuss the pros and cons of Vertical integration strategy.

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