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Title: smoking in public places

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Essay Instructions: I need to write a speech on a controversial issue. I chose smoking in public places. I don't want to make anybody mad so I don't want to say it's bad, but I want to make it clear that if people want to smoke it should be done in designated places where it won't put anybody's health at risk.
-The speech has to open with impact and connect to audience.
-The main purpose is to refute the argument based on outside research done on the topic.
-You need to look for arguments that opse your own views and then respond to them.
-The speech needs to show the ability to anaylyze and explain the flaws presented in the arguments and to create an own argument opposing the views.

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Title: Law and Economics

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Essay Instructions: This paper concerns the changes over the last 20 to 25 years in the laws governing smoking in public places. Whereas a generation ago, smokers were generally free to smoke where they wished, that right has been curtailed in various ways in recent years. Your paper should begin by describing one or more specific changes in the law and specifying exactly how property rights have changed. Describe why this changing allocation in property rights might be efficient. That is, explain why the old law permitting smoking everywhere might have been efficient in the past, and why the changes in the law you have discussed might be efficient at present. Given that the new law is efficient, describe how the change might have occurred without government intervention under Coase's limiting assumptions, and then explain why, despite this, government intervention was necessary. Relate this change in property rights to Demsetz's discussion of the evolution of property rights. Finally, find out what policy makers have had to say about the change in the law. Are their justifications consistent with the theoretical explanations for the change that you have provided?

Please note:
-I am a student at the University of Toronto located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Therefore, could you please use the law that governs the province of Ontario.

-The paper must be no longer than 1500 words (about 5-6 typed double spaced pages, using normal margins and normal print). At the bottom of the paper, it is instructed to state the number of words in the paper (Microsoft Word provides this information under Tools, subheading Wordcount

-In general, you may want to do some additional research for the paper (beyond the two articles I have sent through fax). Any sources should be cited. Please provide complete references and footnotes, even to works provided from the two articles I have sent through fax.

-Keep in mind that this is a paper in Law and Economics, not in Law ? a good grade will depend on your ability to tie your analysis into the concepts learned in this course, not on your ability to do detailed legal analysis. In the past, students with access to lawyers have occasionally turned in papers that present a legal analysis of the issues. This is not particularly useful in this course.

-I will be sending two articles via fax to that must be incorporated into the paper ? they are:
o R.Coase, ?The Problem of Social Cost,? Journal of Law and Economics, Vol.3 (October 1960), pp.1-44
o H. Demsetz, ?Toward a Theory of Property Rights,? American Economic Review, Vol.57 (May, 1967), pp347-359

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Title: Successful Strategies in Anti-Smoking Campaigns

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following 2 questions in a short to the point response. Thank you!

1. What factors accounted for the progress achieved in United States tobacco control?efforts? ?The combination of efforts directed at the following: ?
a) The information environment (e.g., mass media and counter-advertising)?
b) The economic environment (e.g., taxes on cigarettes)?
c) The legal and regulatory environment (e.g., restrictions on smoking in public?places, restraints on advertising, restrictions on sales to minors)?
d) The prevention and treatment environment (e.g., school-based programs, ?smoking cessation treatment opportunities in medical care settings)?
e) The physical and social environment (e.g., denormalization through mass media, ?smoke-free environments)

2. Go to to locate and read “Ten Great Public Health Achievements ??" United States, 1900??"1999.” What do you think is the most important?

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Title: Tobacco Products Effects Law and Statistics

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Essay Instructions: The following thesis and outline is to be use for the research paper:

Thesis: Just put out the facts and let the public make their own decision on the use of
Tobacco products. At times revealing information and statistics is all the public needs.

I. The effects of tobacco products.
A. The effects of smoking cigarettes.
1. The ingredients of a cigarette.
2. The risks that smoking increases.
3. Maternal effects of smoking
B. The effects of snuff, dip, and chewing tobacco.
1. Types of Cancer
2. Deterioration of the mouth
3. Unhealthy eating habits
C. The effects of second hand smoke.
1. Effects on premature and newborn babies.
2. Effects on children and teens.
3. Respiratory problems
II. Tobacco products and law.
A. Laws restricting smoking in public places and workplace.
B. Smoker protection Laws
C. Selling, advertising, and labeling.
D. Cigarette taxes
III. Statistical facts about tobacco products.
A. Cigarette statistics
1. Deaths
B. Smokeless tobacco statistics
1. Deaths

-The paper should not be based on personal knowledge. Personal knowledge should be kept to a minimum.
-The research paper should have at least five sources. Two of the sources must be from books or magazines and more than one encyclopedia.
-The research paper has to be comprised of research. The majority of the paper must be documented and based on research. Papers should be in third-person point of view only.
-All information obtained from outside sources must have proper parenthetical documentation. All direct quotes, paraphrased and summarized information must be documented via parenthetical citations.

Never published or resell the research paper.

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