Smoking in Public Places

Like many smokers, David W. Cowles started smoking in his teens. He wanted to look older, to appear more sophisticated, to fit in. Today, after 50 years of smoking, Cowles has finally stopped. Still, it seems he did not stop early enough. Shortly after, Cowles was diagnosed with lung cancer and emphysema. Surgeons removed the growth in his lungs but to this day, Cowles confesses to having difficulty breathing (Cowles).

Cowles' case is typical of most smokers, and has added dimensions as well. His father was a smoker, another reason why Cowles started smoking early. Additionally, now that the dangers of second-hand smoke have been well-documented, people like Cowles are worrying about the possibility of exposing their loved ones and people around them to possible carcinogens.

The recognition of the detrimental effects of smoking has given rise to calls for smoking bans. Because cigarette smoke also...
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