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Title: shopping

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Essay Instructions: Shopping is considered a form of entertainment. What aspects of shopping are entertaining? How does this make itself apparent in for example Oxford Street and a mall such as Brent Creoss or Blue water?...These are the exact words of the essay required... References that were suggested are:
1- Carl Gardner, Consuming Passion: The rise of retail culture, Unwin Hyman,1989.
2- Daniel Miller, Shopping, Place and Identity, Routledge, 1998.
3- Kathryn Morrison, English Shops and Shopping, an architectural history, Yale University Press, 2003.
4-Erika Rappaport, Shopping for Pleasure: Women in the making of London's west end, Prinston University Press, 2000

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Title: Consumer behaviour

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Essay Instructions: Shopping online or in person?
With the e-commerce tidal wave cresting and crashing to earth in the past year, the issue of shopping on line has never been more topical. What drives consumers to shop on-line versus traditional methods? Compare and contrast the online versus retail shopping experience. Which was the more satisfying experience? why?

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Title: A study of shopping tourism that is HongKong a good place for shopping If the wording of my topic is wrong please help me to change it

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Essay Instructions: Instructions
Please must follow the topic to write..It is very important. The most important is that whole essay must not write about marketing, if have some about marketing, must fail!!!!!!!! Also, must focus on the research methodology and analysis..

words accout:3500 words
My questioning people is 70.
1. Blackgroud to the report
2. Discussion of relevant literature: both urban tourism and literature that relates to your chosen topic.

3. Proposed research Methodology and analysis

4. Results and discussion ( chosen 10 questions in my questionnaire to do the graph and discussion. use excell is OK. For example: you choose "Who are the main companions for visit in HongKong?" 30% choose family member, 20% choose friends.....And why?"

5. Conclusions
6. References
The follow is my questionnaire, please choose 10 to do the results and discussion
1. Nationality ………………….
2. Occupation …………………
3. Age: â??"¡ 20-29years â??"¡ 30-39 years
â??"¡40-49years â??"¡ over 50years
4. Gender: â??"¡ Male â??"¡Female
5. Is this your first time travel in HongKong?
â??"¡Yes â??"¡No
6. How long do you plan to stay in HongKong?
â??"¡1-2days â??"¡3-5days â??"¡6-8days â??"¡Above 8 days
7. Who are the main companions for visit in HongKong?
â??"¡Alone â??"¡Family member â??"¡Colleague â??"¡Classmate â??"¡Friends â??"¡Other
8. Monthly Personal Income :(HKG)
â??"¡Below 5000 â??"¡5000-8000 â??"¡8000-12000 â??"¡12000-15000 â??"¡15000-20000 â??"¡Above 20000
9. What kind of products you most want to buy?
â??"¡Clothes â??"¡Shoes â??"¡Cosmetic â??"¡Electronic products â??"¡Accessories
10. How much do you plan to spend per shopping in HongKong?(HKG)
â??"¡1000 â??"¡2000-4000 â??"¡5000-7000 â??"¡8000-10000 â??"¡Above 10000
11. Is it important to you for the shopping malls’ services quality?
â??"¡ Very Important â??"¡Important â??"¡Fair â??"¡Unimportant
12. Is it important to you for the shopping environment in the shopping malls?
â??"¡ Very Important â??"¡Important â??"¡Fair â??"¡Unimportant
13. Is the price of the products in HK important to you?
â??"¡ Very Important â??"¡Important â??"¡Fair â??"¡Unimportant
14. When shopping in HK, does the traffic convenience?
â??"¡Very convenience â??"¡Convenience â??"¡Fair â??"¡Inconvenience
15. Do you feel that HK has a satisfactory variety of brand for shopping?
â??"¡Yes â??"¡No â??"¡ No idea
16. Will you come to shopping at HongKong again?
â??"¡Yes â??"¡No â??"¡ No idea

P.S Must no write about marketing.....

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Essay Instructions: This paper should be formatted as a formal business report.

The purpose of this assignment is threefold: to gain a better understanding of mature consumers shopping behavior, to understand how shopping behaviors have changed over time, and to conduct an applied consumer research project with managerial, social and public policy implications.

Observe a mature consumer in the retail environment and take field notes. You will then interview the participant asking questions about the shopping experience and how shopping in general has changed over their lifetime.

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