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Title: history ethnic studies

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Essay Instructions: In the book From Out of the Shadows: Mexican Women in Twentieth-Century America, Dr. Vicki Riuz writes, "Scholarly publications on Mexican American history have usually relegated women to landscape roles. The reader has a vague awareness of the presence of women, but only as scenery, not as actors..." In what ways has Ruiz given voice to Mexican American Women? In what way has she placed them as actors? What structure does she use to convey her message--how is she writing the book? How does she bring the characters to center stage? How does this author do it? Why should some one do this? How does she capture the voices of the people?

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Essay Instructions: Hi

I am currently completing my teaching degree as a primary school teacher.
This assessment is a critical reflection about science and is a reflection about the miconceptions children have about light and shadows. I will attach my lesson plan so you can reflect back to what i have wrote in my previous assessment.

The assessment only has 3 questions that need to be answered about the unit of work i did on a lesson plan about science. the assessment is called:

Part B Individual Rationale (35%) (1000 words)

To fulfil the requirements of this assignment students must participate in the tutorial
task of designing a unit of work.(which has been done)

A rationale is a justification of your actions for teaching the unit of work that you
planned with your peers. It is to be 1000 words in length including the in
text references but excluding the reference list. The rationale discusses the
theoretical underpinnings and issues of science education that have been discussed
during the lectures and tutorials. These responses must be supported by the science
education literature. To assist you in writing the rationale three questions are to be answered and these are to be used as subheadings.

1. What is your view of Science? How does it compare to an Indigenous perspective
and its implications to teaching this unit of work?

2. What are the science misconception/s in this unit (light and shadow) ? Why is it important for these children and how has your unit facilitated an understanding?

3. What is your major theoretical pedagogical framework that underpins this unit?
Why have you chosen this and how is this reflected in the unit?

I also uploaded the marking criteria to use as a guide

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Title: Earth and Rain the Plants and Sun and Vision Shadows by Simon Ortiz

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Essay Instructions: Comparative Literary Analysis:
My next essay will be a parative literary analysis.My paper needs to reach to the fourth page.

Comparative Literary Analysis essay is on:

“Earth and Rain, the Plants and Sun” and “Vision Shadows” by Simon Ortiz (starting on 1267)

The thesis for your parative/contrast essay should be more specific than “Poem A and Poem B are alike and similar in several ways.” Instead, choose a point of parison/contrast and write a thesis that reflects a specific aspect of the poems.

Here are some prompts to help you brainstorm:
Choose a theme that the two poems share. What, specifically, are these poems saying about the theme? What type of imagery do they use and how does the connotation of this imagery reflect the theme? Also consider sharing your opinion by discussing which poem does a better job of discussing the theme.
Consider the tone of the speakers. Remember, just as in fiction, there is a difference between the author and the narrator. Think of the poems’ narrators as characters. What words best describe the narrators? How are these personality traits portrayed in the poem? Do the poems have similar or very different tones?
Discuss the use of figurative language in the poems. Compare and contrast the poems’ use of similes, metaphors, imagery, or allusion, etc. How effective is the poem’s figurative language? How does the figurative language contribute to the meaning of the poem?

Thank you so much for helping me out. I have been busy with outher papers for other class, and I pletely forgot about my english essay. Again, thanks for all of your help. If you have any question/concerns, please feel free to contact me with my contact info listed below. Thanks and have a great evening.


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Essay Instructions: This is an "Exegetical Paper". The topic "Shadows of Jesus in the book Isaiah"
Tools Permitted: Bible (not a study Bible with notes), concordance (monograph or software; if you use a software program, be sure not to use any additional study tools it contains).
Stylistic Issues: 12 point font, double space, paginate, 1" margins; include cover page. Include Scripture references in parentheses (don?t footnote them).
1) Read through the passages in the book of Isaiah for the research. Use a concordance to help you find the passages.
2) As you research, sort the information you gather into categories, and let the evidence speak for itself.
3) Ask the text lots of questions. What are the categories the text itself creates? What was the writer getting at? What?s the bottom line meaning to each text? What themes continue to appear? How do the texts speak to God?s people today?
4) Discuss your findings according to your categories. Include application as appropriate.
5) Include appropriate introductory and summation/application sections for the paper. These should be about 1/3 to 2/3 of a page each in length. (Don?t spend too much time in introduction. If one of these is longer, the summation/application section should be.)
An exceptional paper usually takes the first 2/3 page or so to introduce the topic, and spells out the major categories that will be investigated in the paper. These categories then become the paper?s main headings. Subheadings often appear as well to provide clarity and easy readability. The conclusion is about a page or slightly less, and reviews briefly, then draws pertinent application for today from the material studied. What Great Commission results will come from your study? The exceptional paper is typically at least 8 full pgs long.
Stylistic Issues: 12 point font, double space, paginate, 1" margins; include cover page. Include Scripture references in parentheses (don?t footnote them).

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