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Title: Self confidence Theory

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1954 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need to finish a powerpoint on self confidence Theory. Using Adler influence, Skinner Influence, Frankl Influence, Ellis Contribution, and the techniques. On Donald Trump page I want to change it for something else like another celebrity with sucessful self confidence.
Also I need a conclusion.

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Title: Enhancing Self Confidence

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Essay Instructions: Required Text:

DuBrin, A. (2004). Applying psychology: Individual and organizational effectiveness (6th Ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson / Prentice Hall. ISBN: 4

After reading Chapter 4, address the following in a one-to-two page paper:

• Assess your present level of self confidence.
• Select and describe six techniques to build self-confidence from the course textbook (p. 86-87).
Explain how they can help you strengthen your self-confidence.
• Analyze how self-confidence can affect job performance and how inter-office relationships are affected by
differing levels of self-confidence.

• Must include a minimum of two scholarly sources including your textbook

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Title: Self esteem and its relation to our level of confidence

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Essay Instructions: This is for a Human Relations Class (With a focus on Business)

-Would like material to address basic aspects of our Self Esteem, how it is developed, and how it can be improved.
- How our Self Esteem relates to our self confidence as well as other manifestations that relate to our daily lives.
How self esteem & confidence reflects in our professional and/or business practices...what part does this play towards our overall SUCCESS!
-There is not a minimum for Quotes or Citations...just include what is needed to adequately address material.
- Please include "Free" Source Citing page per APA Regulations.

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Title: teens and Technology

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Essay Instructions: dear writer-

I work in education, these are high-school kids ages 13-19. I am trying to sell my product, it is called Teens and Technology. I have to see myself and my educational idea. It is very popular and Headteachers are asking about it, but I need help making it look nice so I can give it to them when I meet with them. Please help me make it marketable. it is a a great for challenging teens who are struggling in school. They can develop a skill to take with them and make money once they learn it. Also the policy writing at the end makes them part of a whole school project which is really spectacular in today's economy, they have to be technically savvy! today to survive!.

I am including what it is about.

1. Please try and use professional educational language to spice it up. remember I have to sell this to schools

2.My boss wants it in bullet points so they can make a leaflet out of it-keep the heading and than the point have to be bullet pointed

Teens and Technology teaches uses technology to capture the imaginations of students , to empower them, build confidence, self-esteem and hope.Their vision and voices are shared through exhibitions, books, websites and videos. By linking with local organizations, we work to strengthen the pupils education and general well-being of the individual

Teens and Technology
Technology awareness class

To raise children's self confidence, self esteem and independence
To enhance children's understanding and use of emerging technology
To give children the confidence and knowledge to face a changing work landscape of the future.
To teach marketable skills for future career opportunities in fields such as:
Awareness of new technology
graphic design,
web page design,
digital and online publishing,
digital technology
collaboration and team project working.
To make the educational process more positive for the students.
To help reduce the disruption caused by current introduction of mobile phones,
Teach children how to use mobile phone and computer to more constructively, and how to use them as personal development and educational tool.
Make children more aware of the positives and negative components of modern technology.

What is created by the program

Students create a digital images, films and audio presentations using mobile devices they already have.
Students will learn how to upload this material on to a computer and edit it.
Students learn how to create interactive and creative presentations using Web based and computer based tools.
Students will learn to work collaboratively as a team to create richer projects and share knowledge
Students will participate in discussion of the proper and improper uses mobile technology in the school,
Students will train as technology mentors to help other students and staff in using digital devices in a more educationally constructive fashion,
Students will work to form a mobile technology audit that they they will present to head teachers as input in to potential school wide mobile technology policy.

The key goal of this program is help students see digital devices less as a distraction from school and more as a strong potential tool for teaching and learning.

Technology is rapidly changing every part of children's lives. And this trend is likely to only increase in the future. Technology opens a world of possibilities to children, offering a space where they can create, collaborate, research and express themselves. But technology also posses a number of threats. Therefore the greatest danger is that children be drawn in to new emerging technology without learning to master it, to understand it, and to form their own beliefs and opinions about it.

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