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The support of the individual is very important in developing self-esteem. The evaluation of the family and friends has a significant impact on how the individual feels about himself. This is because the individual trusts their opinion and tends to believe it is true. The workplace environment is another important factor that determines the self-esteem of the individual. If employees are appreciated by their colleagues, this makes them feel good about themselves and about working there.

Managers play a very important role in developing the self-esteem and confidence of their employees. Their appraisal system and performance evaluation strategy is likely to help increase or reduce the self-esteem of their employees. If they focus on positive motivation, employees are likely to become more confident in their professional activity and to improve their performance. If managers prefer to focus on negative motivation, they are likely to determine reduced levels of self-esteem and confidence of their subordinates.

The importance of self-esteem relies on its relationship with confidence. In other words, the level of self-esteem determines the level of confident of the individual. Confident people are characterized by the easiness in developing relationships with others, in solving problems, and in addressing work and social situations. They have no difficulty in speaking in public, in developing successful relationships with customers, and in believing that they can do what their managers want from them (Rogers, 2012).

Therefore, it is obvious that the level of confidence influences performance. People with reduced levels of confidence have difficulties in talking with colleagues from other departments.
This leads to communication problems within the company. Such individuals also find it difficult to approach customers. This situation significantly influences customer satisfaction. In addition to this, the reduced level of confidence determines employees to think that they cannot perform the activities they are supposed. However, such beliefs determine their behavior that is oriented towards not performing very well in such cases.

Companies' managers can help their employees improve their performance at work. This objective can be reached by identifying the levels of confidence of these employees and the factors that motivate them. Based on this evaluation, managers can determine which type of motivational strategy is recommended to be developed in these cases. In other words, the motivation strategy should focus on improving the confidence levels of employees because this leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies that help improve the confidence of employees because this leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

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