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Essay Instructions: The field of security management is an incredibly interesting and constantly evolving field. The textbook for this course covers a myriad of topics, all designed to give readers an understanding of what's required to be an effective security manager.

Text book - Principles of Security Management - Brian R. Johnson

It must be scholarly, with at least ten sources, excluding the course textbook.


Legal Issues in Discipline and Discharge

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Essay Instructions: Introduction to Security Management
You are required to submit TWO 2000 word artefacts (+/- 10%); ONE report from Part 1 and an essay in Part 2.
Part 1 (50% of marks)
As part of the assessment for this unit you have to write a short report of 2000 words. (For those unsure of the style of reports you can see numerous templates at
You should, however, reference all work according to the APA referencing style.
You are a junior security manager of either a large hospital or a shopping centre and there have been a number of high profile incidents of violence against staff recorded in the last two weeks. The Head of Security has asked you to survey the academic literature for evidence to write a report on how this can be reduced without a substantial increase in costs and burdens on the organisation.
Compared with a traditional essay, an academic report will normally have a more pragmatic focus, relating more directly to workplace objectives and issues. It should be based on a review of academic literature supplemented by other relevant documentary sources, with the overall aim of making ?good practice? recommendations for workplace implementation.
The report should be constructed to the same level of academic scholarship as that applied to the essay. Its format does not need to be substantially different to that of the essay, although it should be noted that the key features of a report relate to their intended audience. Reports are directed at busy people, such as corporate managers, who are likely to skim read them rather than give them the careful reading normally afforded to a traditional academic paper. They therefore incorporate features to aid the 'busy' reader, such as headings and figures/tables, an example layout being as follows:
? Title page;
? Contents page;
? Executive summary (providing a short summary of the whole report, section by section) and/or Introduction (clarifying the topic and outlining the structure of the report);
? Main body divided into thematic headings;
? Conclusions and recommendations.

Figures and tables can be employed within the main body to present any relevant material visually. If using these, they need to be numbered and labelled, introduced within the text and an explanation given as to what the figure/table shows.
Despite these distinctions, the primary focus of the marker will be the usual concerns about quality of sources, relevant content, clear structure, appropriate referencing, etc.
For an example of an academic report, see:
Newburn, T. (1999) Understanding and Preventing Police Corruption: Lessons from the Literature, Police Research Series Paper 110, London: Home Office, available at (accessed 14/5/13).
Part 2 (50% of marks)
You must write a 2,000 word essay on the following:
Describe and assess the main influences on the function of a security manager in at least two sectors (such as the aviation, retail and health sectors).

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Title: Information Security Management

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1948 Works Cited: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Information Security Management

Prepare a 4-7 page (not including title) reflection paper on your ISS680 readings, exercises and discussion posts.
The paper should include:
• A brief summary of your course experience. ISSC680 at AMU
• Identify and explain relevant conceptual material (theories, concepts) from the course.
• How the course concept/idea/theory may or will change your future actions/activities.

If you have access to the following books, Information Security Fundamentals (ISBN 0-8493-1957-9) and Information Security (ISBN 0-8493-7087-6)

If not use whatever internet resources that are easy for me to look up. Thank you

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Title: Information Technology Management

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3413 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The term paper topic should be selected based on the following topics:

Define business data communications.
Discuss the role of data communications in today??s business environment.
Compare and contrast data communications.
Describe the OSI reference model.
Explain the TCP/IP protocol.
Describe business data communication applications.
Compare and contrast LAN and WAN architectures.
Identify different Internet technologies.
Explain asynchronous and synchronous data transmissions.
Understand network management.
Discuss the importance of network security management.
Explain the role of ISPs in business data communications.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a management course, not a computer science course. The body of the term paper should be 10-15 pages long, single-spaced using a 12-point font and 1-inch margins on all sides. The term paper should have a cover page, a table of contents, and complete references listed at the end.

The textbook for this course is:Business Data Communication & Networking (10th Edition), Dr. Jerry FitzGerald and Alan R. Dennis, Wiley ? 2009.

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