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Title: Scoliosis

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Essay Instructions: Instructions

Pathophysiology Research

You will choose a pathology affecting the musculoskeletal system.
You will research on different aspect of the disease and present your work in front of the class. Here are the guidelines to follow for the achievement of the work. Important that team has a different disease,

1). presentation of the disease (Scoliosis ) (name, location, pathophysiology)

2). Etiology (explore all factors that may be involved in the development of the disease)
3). Clinical manifestations( subjective and objective signs/ symptoms)
4). Diagnostic tests ( enumerate and explain them (laboratory, radiology etc), including preparation and post-test observations)
5). All aspects of the management of the pathology:
a, Medical
b, Surgical
c, Pharmaccutical (including, action, adverse effects, and most important nursing considerations). Ref; Drug Guide for Nurses
6). Find impairment for 4 Needs of Virginia Henderson and 4 basic cares (intervention in relation to the pathology and unmet needs) Ex, Eat and Drink


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Title: Pilates: Background and History

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Essay Instructions: Pilates and plates training and how it effects ones body, improves ones body, How can your body change, body awareness, connection between what you can learn about your body and how you can use it to strengthen, stabilize, and increase your flexibility.
Include advantages of pilates training on scoliosis.
Advantages of pilates training for a dancer
Advantages of pilates training on balance and strengthening core
advantages of pilates training on upper body strength

sources can be used but this is more of a research reflection paper on the positive affects pilates training can have on a dancer

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