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Title: The Impact of School Culture on School Safety

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Essay Instructions: I can email my dissertation draft to you so that you can edit it and plete the parts that I have not been able to do. I''m uncertain about explaining methology and the oute of the
data I collected. I have written 83 pages so I need an additional 57 pages. The title of my dissertation is "The Impact of School Culture on School Safety" Can you have the
draft edited and plete it so that I can get it accepted?
I need charts also.

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Title: Principal

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Essay Instructions: Scenario
You are a newly appointed principal of a suburban middle school in a poor neighborhood. You are responsible for the education of approximately 1,200 students on campus, split evenly between sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. There are 80 certified teachers, 35 paraprofessionals and instructional aides, 12 administrative clerks, 9 cafeteria workers and 6 custodians (2 daytime and 4 on the night shift) working on campus each day. In addition, you have two assistant principals, Tom and Ann, working for you.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown has been at this school as an assistant principal for the past 6 years, and was one of the primary candidates for the principal’s position this past summer. He has worked as the Athletic Director during most of his tenure, primarily responsible for the extra-curricular sports and activities programs. Prior to becoming an administrator, Tom taught PE. He had taken a group of honor students to Europe this past summer and had just arrived back on campus the week prior to opening day, so you have not had much opportunity to get to know him.

Ann Good
Ann Good was just hired this past summer, coming straight out of the classroom where she taught math for the past 6 years. You had the opportunity to sit in on her interview panel and were very impressed with her answers to the interview questions when they came to talking about teaching and learning. However, her responses to questions related to teacher evaluation left you less than impressed. While her main efforts so far this school year had been focused on student discipline and attendance issues ??" and she seemed competent enough dealing with low-level student behavior issues ??" she has not yet demonstrated her abilities with HR or legal issues.

Mr. Smithson
Mr. Smithson, a seventh grade Social Studies teacher, is a 27-year veteran teacher who has been at this school for the past 15 years. He is very much involved with the after school sports program, coaching girls’ volleyball, girls’ basketball and girls’ softball each season for the past 6 years. He is a very good friend of Tom, the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director.

Mr. Joe Black
Mr. Joe Black is the Lead Custodian and has been at this school for 6 years (4 as the Night Custodian and 2 as Lead Custodian). He has a good reputation on campus and seems competent in his duties, but you have been so busy getting settled in your new role as principal that you have not had much opportunity to speak with him since the opening week of school. Your secretary had mentioned that he had cross words with Mr. Smithson in the teacher’s lounge early last week, but you have not yet had a chance to follow up on that report.
Mr.Joe Black left a well written letter with your secretary here it is:
Letter from the Janitor

TO: Principal

From: Joe Black, Lead Custodian

Last weekend, some of my daughter’s friends had a pajama party at my house. My wife overheard the students talking about Mr. Smithson and his funny way of touching the girls when he is moving around the class and helping them with their work.
While I have never personally observed any of this type of behavior, I have heard others in the teacher’s lounge talking about Mr. Smithson and I felt responsible to notify you about this situation. I asked my daughter about him and she knew very little since she has never been in his class.

Actual assignment: Develop a Plan of Action
(1) Assume the principal’s role and develop a plan of action for an investigation into the allegations of possible misconduct on the part of Mr. Smithson. Consider which Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC) are to be addressed in your response.
(2) Consider the following in the plan’s development:
(a) Identify what actions, if any, you would take immediately.
(b) Identify which principles and issues relating to school safety and security are potentially involved in the allegation.
(c) Identify which board policies and state laws apply to the issues underlying the allegations in regards to Trenton Public School District in New Jersey.
(d) Determine whether a formal investigation is warranted or not. Explain your rationale.
(e) Identify the steps and a proposed timeline that you would use to investigate the allegations.
(f) Identify who you would have participating in the investigation. Explain why.
(g) Identify who you would not involve in the investigation. Explain why.
(h) Describe the investigative plan:
(i) Choose the students to interview. Explain why.
(ii) Choose the staff to interview. Explain why.
(i) Describe how you will conduct these interviews.
(j) Describe how you will maintain confidentiality of the interviews and the allegations.
(k) Describe how you will communicate the issue and the details of the investigation to the media and the community.

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Title: El 5753 Module 1 2 Discussion

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Essay Instructions: 2 Discussion questions. 300 words per answer. 2 BIBLIOGRAPHY SOURCES per answer. I am a middle school teacher in Brooklyn NY if that is applicable to either of these answers.

1. Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation has created radical change in U.S. classrooms. State and local school governance bodies must align their goals to meet NCLB criteria, including Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) benchmarks on standardized testing and ensuring that special education students are achieving at higher levels.

How has NCLB changed the way in which your school operates?
How do you and your colleagues feel about the NCLB legislation?
What has been the most positive and most negative impact that NCLB has had on your school and its teachers?

2. As we learned this module, students do not give up their right to free speech at the schoolhouse gate, but schools must also ensure that the educational goals for all students are not compromised. Respond to the questions in the discussion.

When have you experienced a situation that has blurred the line between student expression and school safety or discipline?
How did your school handle the situation?
If you have not experienced such a situation, find a case study and describe how you/your school might react.

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Title: Law Enforcement increasing safety in schools

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Essay Instructions: **Request username "sunandmike" if possible -if not still need fastest turnaround time the better. Earlies response the better even if that is at 1am or 12pm tomorrow. As I was called in for a gravyard shift as a 911 operator I am unable to but my thoughts & writings into a intelligent format given time constraints.
**APA format in writing, however no page #s or title in needed as this will be used as a portion of a group project.
***Content of paper is about the direct relationships law enforcement has with schools. Education awareness education inplace today specifically dealing with preventing violence and avoiding situations such as columbine. No details need to be given about Columbine. I would like the paper to concentrate on how public safety has taken a more aggressive stand in preventing these incidents. The paper could read something like "Since incidents like columbine law enforcement is forced to take a more aggressive & careful role in school safety. Making mention of a "lockdown" method staff should use during a crisis, where children are not able to leave their present location until law enforcement has deemed it safe. Even in the event of possible danger police dispatchers call schools to go into lockdown mode. An extra precaution when even the threat of danger is present. Secondly one of the most effective procedures would be the school resource officer, a sworn officer serving as somewhat of a police sub-station on campuses that are deemed prone to violence.Pointing out how these officers are trained in programs such as the "active shooter". In turn the officer is able to teach school staff more effective means when dealing with emergencies. Other interventions include programs such as "Red- Ribbon week",
"every 15 minutes, "dry 2K". Although geared toward anti-drug & alcohol awareness, the programs provide the opportunity for staff & officers to gain insight. Insight to patterns are at times the key to monitor those individuals that are straying into a direction of increased violence & destructive behavior. All the programs are set forth to maintain public safey in schools my taking an interest and active role in the lives of our youth.
**the last 2 paragraphs or so I would like to read something like "Preventive measures and educational tools are not the only methods of dealing with increased violence. Zero tolerance is also strictly adhered to. Students impaird in any fashion are immediately subject to suspension and/or penalties of law. The paper can go on to explain the idea of zero tolerance and how it is used in schools.
The only thing I would like mention of somewhere under zero tolerance is the shortcoming of the policy when it comes to special education students. Many instances those students displaying aggressive behavior are not subject to permanent suspension from school. The courses provided on campus to these students is regarded as the greater need than the disruption being caused. How this issue is a present & future issue schools face.
Thank you for your assistance as I have no time to put this all into proper format & research given the 1 hour block i have between class &work. I can check my e-mail at work thank you.

Excerpt From Essay:

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