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Title: Pennsylvania's new open records Law

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Essay Instructions: Scholarship Application Essay--

Discuss the impact of the open records law that took effect January 1, 2009, in the state of Pennsylvania, giving broader access to public records.

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Title: see 13 below

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Essay Instructions: scholarship essay-

1.Discuss your interest in vibrant communities and organizational performance

2. Discuss how you see yourself as a practitioner-scholar.

3. The basis for the finanacial need.

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Title: Freedom's Challenge

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Essay Instructions: Scholarship essay that needs to be read and take up 3 to 5 minutes long which is for the Veterans scholarship and the topic is Freedom's Challenge. They left it broad so we could capture whatever aspect we felt would make and impactful statement. The girl who won last year wrote about the attacks of 911 and how her uncle died in the tower and how she would not let him die in vein. Last year's theme was "How I demonstrate my Freedom" and she read that she would not give into terrorism because her uncle was killed.....
My Grandfather who fought in WWII said when i asked him about the topic that Freedom has changed drastically since then and all the privacy acts and nuts out there have caused our freedom to be in jeopardy more because of all the changes in the world and our society which has left the future generation even more guarded with their children than we are right now.. he said they used to go out and play all day and never worry about being kidnapped or shot at and today you just can't guarantee that.. Maybe this could be encompassed into the essay on freedom as maybe the challenge would be how to get back to a safe place like that which is probably impossible but if not than how can we keep our freedom and feel safe.. if there is another impactful way you want to word it feel free... its a tough subject. thanks

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Title: mandatory military or civic service

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Essay Instructions: Scholarship Essay:
Typed essay (double spaced) of approximately 250 words agreeing or disagreeing and defending your position in response to this statement: Two years of service to the United States, either in munity or military service, should be required of each citizen.

Judges - League of Women Voters

Note to author: this is a scholarship essay. Feel free to take either position, whichever you feel you can argue most effectively. The League of Women Voters believes the following:

1)Participation in civic life is the essence of democracy. Working together to resolve problems for the mon good is the key to healthy munities and a strong nation.

2)Civic Education and Knowledge
In a healthy democracy, citizens have the information and skills to participate effectively in civic life. When citizens understand how government works and how to make their voices heard, they are more motivated to get involved

If you cannot make it by the deadlien of 9PM tonight, please contact me via e-mail: david.

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