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I believe that knowledge from both these areas complements each other significantly. In order to be the most effective practitioner in one's field one needs to acquire the scholarly knowledge related to it. This can help one to gain some much-needed insight into the theories and methods related to one's practice. Likewise if one endeavors to become the most well informed expert in one's field one needs to acquire experience from working in it. This can help one to apply whatever was learned in one's scholarly pursuits to the test.

Currently my research focuses on the working alliances in home healthcare. Working alliances can be studied in many areas of healthcare, including medicinal therapy, social services, long-term care, etc. My hope is that whatever information I gain through conducting my research will enhance the outcome between practitioner and patient. I wish to be someone in the field who is capable of attaining the trust and commitment of their patients towards abiding by their practitioners' orders.

The basis for financial need is dependent on three factors in my life. The first factor is that my family's earnings are obtained from a family farm, whose income is very unpredictable. Oftentimes it so happens that my family incurs financial losses from one year to the next based on certain bad investment decisions involving the farm. The second factor is that my family currently supports three people attending college.
Due to the uncertain financial circumstances surrounding our family income, tuition and other expenses are difficult to meet for those members of my family in college.

The third factor is that since I began my studies in higher education despite knowing that I cannot rely on my family income for financial support, I am currently incurring the majority of my educational expenses through loans. The residency expenses, which include hotel and gas fares, are challenging to pay for. At this time my present job does not offer any financial reimbursement deal for schooling. Thus I am trying to get through my education with the help of loans and personal income.

I am very much confident that obtaining this scholarship would immensely alleviate some of the financial burdens I face in paying for my education. After being relieved of some the stress involved in paying for college, I can be freer to concentrate on my studies. I can also concentrate on working in order to gain valuable on-the-job experience in the field rather than working in order to simply meet payment deadlines for college......

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