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Title: Schindlers List

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Essay Instructions: This paper is based off of Schindlers List. Please do not give a report on the movie it self, discuss the movie's ethical standpoint and how it relates to both Kant and Hume's Therories. Incorperate Personhood, Rights and Justice of the People and the feelings of the time. Also discuss how the film relates to present day.
Include SOME input from Bentham, Mill, Dworkin and John Rawls' theroies as well as it relates to the film.

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Title: Schindlers List

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Essay Instructions: FILM RESPONSE PAPER. "Schindlers List"
In the period under review, film became one of the most visible sources of cultural commentary on past and present events. It is also a means to study culture, society, gender relations, politics, and so forth. WATCH A RELEVANT MOVIE(SCHINDLERS LIST) AND WRITE A CONSISE THREE-PAGE ESSAY THAT ANALYZES HOW THE MOVIE PORTRAYS A FEW(1-3)OF THE FOLLOWING THEMES nationalism, industrialization, monarchy, despotism, colonialism, militarism, Catholicism, Protesetantism, Judaism, capitalism, mercantilism, conservatism, liberalism, monasticism, racism, socialism, communism, fundamentalism, gender, economics etc.

THIS IS NOT A FILM SYNOPSIS. Limit your summary of the film to one short paragraph(4-5 sentences). The term paper is not simply a review of the work under consideration. You should not simply relate the plot. Instead, the paper should draw together your own thoughts to make an argument. Your paper must have an introduction that sets out your argument and most importantly PRESENTS YOUR THESIS. Thesis is your argument, what you set out to demonstrate.

Paper should have a introduction with a thesis. The middle paragraphs of the paper flow from the thesis. they are paragraphs in which you place your evidence and build your argument. Try to limit each paragraph to one idea. Your paper should use a conclusipn to re-state your argument, sum up your points or relate ypur paper to ageneral theme.

Avoid first and second person. Avoid colloquialism (for example:"gandi is way cool.")

The only resource Is the Movie "Schindlers List", I can also use my text book, (Perry etal., "Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society; From the 1400's, 8th Edition), but not required.

If you need a sample paper I can fax one hopefully you want need it.

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